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Stockists of Turbo boards

  • kill4Youkill4You
    October 2011
    Ive been searching the net, but cant seem to find a local distributor for turbo. Google says Factory 7 has stock but when viewing the site no products are veiwable for anything site is broken guess i should phone them but meh i just want to see not buying new board yet only in a few months.

    Just thought id post here to see if anyone knows if i can pick this board up loaclly or is import my only option?

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  • lyle
    October 2011
    They in Durbs but ship nationwide. If you in CT go to Big Bay there was a Surf shop there on the beach front that had Turbo boards. Surd HQ was cheaper even though that place was having a sale! so i would say SurfHQ prices are really good!
  • kill4Youkill4You
    October 2011
    Ok thanks for that, will check it out
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