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Mr Price Heroes - 23 August 2011 (SASHA SPECKER) DSD Footage

  • ColinvanDongen
    August 2011
    Hi all.

    Sadly we werent able to find a sponsor to drive the bodyboarding side via on Supersport, after many failed attempts around the country. The surf industry is at an all time low. I've managed to function as a Producer to flight some of the classic via another platform to try and boost the sport.

    So the GOOD NEWS is....

    Broadcasting on the 23 AUGUST 2011 will be a segment on Sascha Specker which we did in Hawaii from the DSD archives. Check out the schedule when it comes available in the near future from this link.

    If you have any footage you would like to flight or make a section out of contact me and we will consider it for future publications. There is a very high standard, preferably HD and there needs to be a story behind it. Interviews etc.

    I am considering creating an Ep2 of DSD, with the abundant footage on hand. So lets hold thumbs for the next year see what happens.

    Kind Regards,

    Colin van Dongen

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  • ronald911ronald911
    August 2011
    Sound good, Can't Wait!

    Shot Colin!
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