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Bodyboard Shops Cape Town

  • hof
    April 2011
    Howzit ous.

    Does anyone know of any surf shops in Cape Town with a decent selection of bodyboards? All the retailers I've been to have been pretty dismal, and factory7 doesn't seem to be getting new stock anymore...

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  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    April 2011
    Sport unlimited in Constantia Village had a sweet selection when I was last there.

    Also depends on what brand ur after I think...

    I also went past the Second Surf 2nd hand store a long time ago and they had a pretty interesting selection there too.
  • lyle
    May 2011
    Found a shop at big bay that had a kiff selection. also there is a mall down the raod with a mac d's and checkers, not sure of the name or area, Surf shop name is Suntrax, they also had a kiff selection of boards. Sports unlimited in Somerset mall and there is 2 surf shops in strand that had a few boards. i got a kiff deal from tyhe guys in big bay so check them out. there is 2 surf shops there, only one carry's bodyboards.
  • Super_Dude
    May 2011
    The surf shop at bigbay "eden on the bay" has nice boards and the guys there are very helpfull!!
    If you stand with ur back to the beach then the shop 2 the right. closest 1 to moyo...
  • KellyKelly
    December 2014
    If you cannot find a store in Cape Town, contact Surf HQ - they are a bodyboarder owned and run store in Durban which has the largest range of bodyboards in South Africa and they ship free of charge to anywhere in South Africa.

    Phone: +27 (0) 31 368 7568
    Email: [email protected]
    Facebook Group:

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