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West Coast Classic 2011

  • franslfransl
    March 2011
    Hi Guys,

    As you know Eureka is once again giving us a very good deal to stay there during the WCC contest which is a R100 per person per night. This is the 3rd year that they will be supporting our event. It was brought under our attention that some of the riders over crowd the units to make the stay even cheaper than what it really is. Make sure that your unit only house the amount of people it is allowed to during the WCC 2011 event. Please do not jeopardise Bolands relationship with these folks.

    We will have SABA officials stay in the same units so please do not bend the rules.

    Your cooperation regarding this matter will be much appreciated.


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  • lyle
    March 2011
    eish. this is sad. 100 bucks is already dirt cheap!
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