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Morey RAW dvd

  • skoomz13
    December 2010
    I am desperately trying to source a dvd. I watched it on video aaaages ago. I think it was a Morey Video but back then was on vhs. Its called RAW. the 1st 1 is the 1 i want, the movie has quite a few white zombie tracks in it and alot of mike stewart.

    Im trying to purchase it on dvd.

    does it exist on dvd?

    does anyone have a link where i can purchase it possible from a south african site?? or does anyone even have a link where you can see the bloody cover cos i cant find anything on it but i know it bloody exists!

    even a place wherei can download it, a torrent or something.

    Thank you :P

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  • kozkoz
    December 2010
    I have been looking for it for ages.... I once found a copy on amazon but when I tried to order it they did not have stock. :(

    That my movie is the best body boarding DVD ever!!!!

    If I find a copy I will let u know :)
  • tjokka
    January 2011
    I still have the vhs version in a very good condition if that would help. :)
  • Scarecrow
    February 2011
    Man, if you guys manage to find that movie on DVD or get a digital copy....I WANT IT!!!! Such a classic boogie vid.
  • ronald911ronald911
    February 2011
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