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I just don't get it!!

  • Rowan C
    November 2010
    I'm pretty ticked off today after a paddle at my local spot. I was 1 of the only 2 guys out. Me being a sponger and the other guy being a standup. I paddled onto the only decent spot out and sat about 2 meters away from the surfer( he was a ballie and didn't say anything but I'm used to it since I'm only 16). He caught the first wave of the set and he rode it for a while before kicking out, I than caught the 4th wave of the set and he happened to be paddling over the wave as I got down it. I accidentally clipped his one foot( please note that it was by no means a hard hit) and because of my wild attempt to avoid him caught a lip in the back of the head!When I came up I got a barrage of profanity thrown at me which I took in my stride and continued by shouting, "I'm sorry!"back to him. I than paddled back to him, said I was sorry and asked if he was in any way hurt. All I got for my trouble was more swearing and a warning to get out! I was really pissed off after that but bit my lip and decided that I wasn't going anywhere. I still ended up being bummed after the session. It just was really swak to get behavior like that from someone who is supposed to encouraging the next generation. All I want to do is chill out after a hectic exam, thats why I bodyboard. Guys like that shouldn't other paddling out!!

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  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    November 2010
    Dood, unfortunately there are alotta okes like this out there...

    Grumpy twats who probably cant surf that well anyways :)

    At the end of tha day its up to him to get out of your way so dont feel bummed bro!

    The fact that he got a little bump is his own fault for not getting outta the way, you should tuned him to shape up cos if he was in good enough shape or had any brains he coulda done it!

    I grew up at a spot renowned for heavy standup localism, I got tuned hard but I never backed down, just showed respect and remained humble.

    That way u will gain respect after a while, even if u are a booger 8)

    Anyone who has a kuk attitude like that doesnt deserve to share the waves with the rest of us good people in my opinion :mrgreen:

    Next time you see him just say howzit and keep to urself, if he has anything to say flip him the bird and burn his ass bwahahahahahahaha!!!
  • Diego
    November 2010
    Rowan dude. Who the heck is this ballie there's only one old ballie who surfs and has a bad attitude for anyone in the water. This guys a total jock and if its the guy I'm thinking of then he is a propper d!ck he is known as cherry he always wears a rashie and is balding!
    Oh and he is a ranga(ginger). So don't get bummed dude this guy is a chop and hell get his don't u worry lil man but next time use the lip and bust a huge roll over him he will show u some respect then...
  • Rowan C
    November 2010
    Yeah dude! It was captain baldy :mrgreen: . WHAT A CHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • lyle
    November 2010
    yeah some owes are real dorks sometimes. a little while back one of our top sa surfers was at my local spot. he got a wave and i was in the impact zone. i was never gonna paddle around him so i tried to duck dive under him. his fin caught my ankle and when i came up he was next to me- obviously he came off. did he give me the tuning of my life. and i surfed everyday with him when i was growing up and thought he was legend. either he has changed or was having a bad day but what a chop! lost all respect for him now. it was by mistake and i did try my best to get clear of him. chop!
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