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Money matters

  • Diego
    October 2010
    Hey guys first off oviaas love the mag! Sh1t be biatching. But i now see that the price has gone up? The magazines quality is prestine and in a leugue of its own but this costs a whole bunch! Kids on the block would be weak in the knees and buy a zig zag. Unfortunatly but cant we make a comprimise somwhere? shot maN

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  • Inky
    October 2010
    See the "issue 12" post.

    It's explained very nicely there! :mrgreen:
  • Rowan C
    October 2010
    I rate its a fair price increase considering the better quality of the issue. I personally would rather pay more and get a better mag.
  • lyle
    October 2010
    i too would pay more for a better mag. when we didnt have a mag id folk out R150 for Riptide!!
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    October 2010
  • BillybusterBillybuster
    October 2010
    R40 = good price

    I mean, obviously the staff need to get paid a salary and alot of the sixty40 crew have other jobs aswell so they do the magazine on the sideline. Printing & distribution of magazines cost money so with the world economy being so bad, everything begins to cost alot.

    so more money for a magazine goes into the 4P's of Product, place, price and promotion. These all add to demand!
    So i will as i know all bodyboarders would happily pay R40 for a sick Locally made South African boogie mag!!

    Big Up Fella's!!!!!!!!!!
  • Diego
    October 2010
    Hold up booger bros...i am at the very least complaining...i love the mag and all the effort thats put in it. But what im simply saying cant we just give up a little bit of the double thick glossy pages for normal pages with slight gloss that saves like 5 buks and then gives more pages. Im not asking to go cheap here im just sayin isnt there an equilibrium somewhere with quality and quantity. I bought the mag so i dont have a problem with the price besides its a lot thicker and juicier than issue 1+ stoked
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