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  • kozkoz
    August 2010
    Hey guys... I am off to Moz in December and was wondering if there are any good surf spots close to Tofo where I will be mostly staying?

    I would like to take my boards with but not sure if it worth it.

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  • that NINJA kid
    August 2010
    Tofo has a point called Tofinho which is Sick! Aside from Ponta I think it's probably Mozam's permiere wave spot!
    Don't think December's really wave season at all but I'd say it's worth the chance taking a board up!

    I went last year October for a week and had some fun little days! I'll try get some of my photos together and upload on here sometime, otherwise there's a coupla random photos on here:
    It's not great shots of the point but it might get you a little amped til I can find some better ones!

    Google Tofinho!
  • Heinrich van Rooyen
    August 2010
    tofu and tofinho is max fun. if ur lucky youll get some swell, if u dont get swell no worries since its propably the most amazing place on earth. TOFU IS AWESOME!
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