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  • BillybusterBillybuster
    June 2010
    Super Sick Jerry!! Congrats my man... Is the TURBO 5 - Jerry's pro model..??
  • doclach
    June 2010
    Hey Billy, mate as I understand it Jerry is one of the main riders for the Turbo V, but it isn't a sig model of his own - turbo just needs the board promoted by a sick shredder - step in Jerry, haha. the man himself could elaborate more, but that is it as i understand it. always wise for the lads to wait a little before getting a sig model i reckon.
    Even one of the all aussie lads here has openly stated on the rippy forum that he's backing Jerry at shark Island, he's definitely impressing folks in a big way.
    I just did Dan worsley's interview and saw he is being backed by turbo too (on a botha) so they're really getting behind the saffas, which is sick to see.
  • lyle
    June 2010
    super sick jerry! bru your ripping!! keep up all the hard work! its def paying off!
  • BillybusterBillybuster
    June 2010
    Thats sick! Thanks doc for clearing that up! I guess it was the same when romero was the main rider for the Turbo IV etc... Yeah Jerry is def pushing the sport and the label as a saffa ripper..! Good 2 see all his hard work paying off!! Good luck to jerry and worsley at the island! Any idea when the start date is or when they looking at running the event..?
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