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Wavescape Photo contest

  • Spy Dude
    April 2010
    Hey all you aspiring photographers out there... We at wavescape are into our 3rd month of hosting a schweeeeet little photo contest for amateur photographers... NO PRO's ALLOWED (Sorry Spex, DSC etc). The idea is to give the little guy a chance at exposure.
    So ya i have only seen one boog shot entered so far and nothing at all from this local crew of photographers who pepper this site with shots.

    Ok so Yes wavescape is a stand up site, but reality is, its a wavesriders site.. so we look for allot more than just a resin monkey on a short board pumping his way through the white water at the berg.
    This contest is pretty open, submit up to 3 shots that have been taken within the last two months. It can be booger, short-man-syndrome-boarder, logboarder, goatboater or cripple. It can also be beach lifestyle (remember if its some local betty in an itsy bitsy teeeeeeeeeeny weeny polka dot bikini, you gotta get her permission before publishing the shots and please no underage girls - remember what happened to Zigzag and their pure filth chick)

    For more details check out

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