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Indo August

  • chris d
    March 2010
    Hey Tjommies
    My time in London is finally starting to pay off. Just booked my dream trip to indo, well booked the flights at least. Im meeting up with some aussie Mates in Jakarta on the 2nd August then heading to Southern Sumatra for 2 weeks. Then off to Bali on the 16th and hanging out with them there till they go back to Aus on the 22nd. My next leg of the flight is to Perth on the 20th of September.So basically I have a month of solo exploring to do.

    Originally I was thinking the standard Lombok, Sumbawa mission but would dig to do something a little less off the beaten track. Any of you lads got a better idea? I would really appreciate some info from someone who has been over before(ie transport and places to stay etc.)..Shot owes hope everyone is getting waves back in sunny SA.


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  • chris d
    March 2010
    Thanks for the help owes...
  • rebeliousonerebeliousone
    March 2011
    so how wasa the trip to indo? :mrgreen: i knw i'm asking like 3years later but planned a trip there myself for this month, so would like to knw if its a good as they say it is?
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