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GoProHD DK footage from Cornwall

  • doclach
    January 2010
    Hasn't been much DK pov footage around, but found this one the other day and thought you lads would enjoy. Craig Trilivas, I thought of you particularly for some reason mate, probs because you froth on anything DK so much bru!
    Fun footage form a bloke that doesn't take himself too seriously either. Good times.

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  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    January 2010
    OOOOH how cool is that!!!

    Its like a videogame :mrgreen:

    I like the way its been edited, wow thanks Dochlach that was a treat :wink:

    Its good to not take ones self too seriously too, let the inner child loose a bit from time to time yesman :lol:

    Cornwall looks like a rad DK wave, would dig to get there sometime in this lifetime.
  • doclach
    January 2010
    sick man, stoked you got some amp from it :)

    Thought some of the UK livin' saffas would know this break pretty well.

    A mate in Hawaii has a bunch of gopro DK, I can put some links up if you want Craig? Some pretty cool reverse angle board mount. Is one of the Herrington Bro's from the big South Island. Some pretty sick soundtracks too - if you're into some pretty chilled tropical reggae style that is super mellow.
  • Count Olaf
    January 2010
    That is great. Really perked up my Friday
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    January 2010
    Saweeeeeet deal brother!

    Thanks Dochlach ja man I would be MOST INTERESTED in seeing the links :mrgreen:

    Really cool perspective of what people dont get to see if they have never been in the water u know?

    Im digging it heaps, as im sure are others :D

    Thanks bro, ur a legend!


    Note to self, buy a gopro asap...
  • rudi
    January 2010
    is that morgys?
    yeah that footage is seriously sick, something different!
    would love to see some more.
    im in cornwall at the moment, its sooooooooooooo cold!
  • Scarecrow
    February 2010
    Yo Rudi! U friends with Remi?? I heard that he scored some big surf in at Porthleven lately with the boys. There's a pic of one of his waves on Facebook...looks a bit like backdoor. So sick!
  • rudi
    February 2010
    hey dude, yeah we ve been getting some real good waves here.
    I saw remis wave on friendface, the only good one any of us got. I got cought inside by an absolute monster, snapped my leash and lost my board. bleak!
  • Inky
    March 2010
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