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SA Champs 07 Video- Plett 07

  • ronald911ronald911
    January 2010

    I have the 2007 Bodyboarding Champs that showed back in 2007 on Supersport on my PVR (Never Deleted since December 07 8) . I recorded it with a TV Card to my PC.

    I know there are hundreds of bodyboarders who haven't seen it, as not everybody have DSTV ,Doesn't live in South Africa or just missed it when it showed, but yet it was a great event and I guess its a pretty good video with some great Plett Footage and some people wouldn't mind watching that as its edited great and have some solid waves.

    Not everyday you get bodyboarding on National TV ;)

    I can upload it if some people would like to watch it, should be about 200mb.
    Just reply to this forum if you want it.

    Also if the owner of this video doesnt want me to upload it, just let me know ;) Although I doubt it will be a problem, since its not selling anywhere nor will it show on TV again.

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  • tjokka
    January 2010
    I'm keen! :D
  • ronald911ronald911
    January 2010
    Uploading to YouTube
  • ronald911ronald911
    October 2011
    Edited by Kelly, April 2014

  • KellyKelly
    October 2011
    Thanks for the efforts Ronald - I am sure noone will mind it going up. I wish more event footage would be shared on YouTube once it has aired.
  • lyle
    October 2011
    sweet! thanks Ronald!
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