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SCBA Kicking off again

  • Gonads
    October 2009
    Howzit to all

    I am back in the country and I would like to get SCBA up running again!!!

    So please pass the message on. I have started a page on FaceBook "Southern Cape BodyBoarding Association", please find us and join the group to check up with the latest news on whats happening and come have a chat on the forums.

    Please any questions post them on the page and my email is posted on there to.

    Look forward on hearing from all you guys.

    Sven Seeberger

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  • KellyKelly
    October 2009
    Nice one Sven! Keep us informed of any news and events and we'll run it.

    Good luck.
  • Gonads
    October 2009
    Thanks Kelly

    Will do!


  • Gonads
    October 2009
    Howzit All

    AGM will be held on the 07 November at 14h00 in Herolds Bay.

    Parents and all bodyboarders welcome.

    Meet at the carpark opposite the Cafe at 13h45, you will be met by Dave Camacho or myself there, then follow the lead car to Dave's house.

    The AGM will start at 14h00, so please don't be late!!

    We will be in the area before hopefully surfing. So keep an eye out for us at the beach.

    See you there.



    You can contact me on: spseeberger@gmail or on Facebook
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