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"The Corruption of Jeffreys Bay" - article find

  • doclach
    September 2009
    I wasn't sure where to post this, so miscellaneous sounded ok.
    In my continuing pursuit to understand overseas breaks better, I recently found an article in an Oz stand-up mag "Surfing World" titled "The corruption of Jervis Bay" by Tim Baker. I can't comment on its accuracy at all because i know very little about JBay's history.
    However i think it is always useful to know when other people are commenting or talking about your breaks and places, so just putting it out there so you saffas know.

    The article itself was about 9 pages long (pretty hefty for a mag). It seeems to be well phrased and researched in itself, covering development in the JBay region vs no more "vibe and brotherhood". I quite like the history of breaks and it starts with an indepth description of a fellow "Anthony "Doc" Van Den Heuwal (ex national champion) who squatted there from '68 onwards, who sadly was beaten to death a few years ago.

    It does seem to be well researched and there are some excellent tributes at the end, along with links to supertubes foundation and other things.
    Anyways it was pretty sweet learning about one of your breaks some more (albeit from a stand-up persective).

    If any readers here in Australia get the mag, I wouldn't mind hearing feedback as to its viewpoint.


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  • dcmike
    September 2009
    Ahoy Doc
    Now that piqued my interest - especially since our local boys are pretty vocal about expansion, secret spots and truck loads of groms at their local breaks. Unfortunately I could not find the article you refer to. I would love to read this as Jeffrey's has been the surf mecca of SA for eons and sadly it no longer has the 'vibes' for which it was so well known... The days of split windcsreen combi's, camping in the bushes and as you said, locals living on the beach are history. These days it's JBU (locals regulating the line-up), tequila and chocka fisherman (Calamari fishermen with a penchant for brandy or anything fight inducing...) and the Billabong zoo - The history is deep and strong - and most cases the aggression which has followed the hype and subsequent influx of people is justified (from what I can gather...)
    I know old geezers from that era (70's and earlier) that still make an annual pilgrimage despite the crowds and inflated costs.

    Would love to see this article - pop me a mail if you can: [email protected]

    and kudos for all your contributions to the saffa site to date ;-)
  • kill4Youkill4You
    September 2009
    i would also like to read the article..

    please PM me or post article in this thread, very intresting.
  • doclach
    September 2009
    dcmike you have mail bru 8)

    Always a pleasure mate - bringing the boog together world makes us an even stronger force I reckon. Connected and sharing stuff makes us united , rather than feeling we're scattered around the planet in separate worlds. If there were boogas on Mars I would yarn to them too, haha.

    I spoke to the editor of surfing world mag today (he lives in one of my old haunts). Word from the man is that the article will be uploaded to an online site here soon, so that will be the easiest way to view it. Phil will give me heads up when it's up and sorted I'll post the link here so everyone can see if they're interested. Rad dude who welcomed the enquiry from boog crew.
  • Super_Dude
    April 2011
    sooooo.... i know its an old thread... but nothing came from it in here???

    :roll: so was just wondeing??
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