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Ca i have summore please

  • Diego
    September 2009
    Im an addict to the mag...but i've a hectic complaint or shld i say need...the mag is too shrt...not just iss 9 bt al in general i know thers nt much going on in the bodyboarding industry which is a lie haha bt i finished reading and oogling the sick pics and articles in about 30 min....:(

    so i say is there not netin more to put in...wat hpnd to the cartoons? the reader poll? The rider insight? Thrz soo many possibilities...Even a learn how to section come on teach how to do tricks big or small...

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  • kill4Youkill4You
    September 2009
    Hmm i hate to take this thread to a negative area. but did you read the mag?

    There was a article on getting in and out the water and what the do's and donts are,
    There was a article on how SA body boarders are doing in Hawaii which i found one or to chuckles in great article.
    There was probably one of the best pictures ive ever seen of one of kalk bays less surfed spots.

    there were other articles as well but i mean what do you want from the mag? ok they dont have the same amount of articles as zig zag.. but sheesh zig zag has been around since the dawn of man, quarterly magz cant really post everything about body boarding into one issue then whats the point of buying the next issue!

    An idea if you the content hungry type of guy is maybe wait a year or two then buy all the magz you haven't read and read them all at once. just an idea that might satisfy your lust for content. :D
  • Diego
    September 2009
    I wasn tryin 2 b an ass over the mag but simply saying that cant they cover even the small events just for that one extra pg nd the fact that its a quarterly mag should say that theres mre 2 b printed.

    As to the whole store for more idea uhm no! I can barely w8 till the next issue comes out and now u want me to w8 :O but i read everythin from the hoal chronicles to the learn how to paddle out part. I dunno mabi im just a fast reader :? There is so much to put in...we need to brainstorm ideas to help Ian...
  • Diego
    September 2009
    Besides that im not being cocky or anything but when uve been boogering for 2 and a half years u kinda learn to understand the sea(im a lifeguard that helps aswell) and how to paddle out even though the segment did help me a tad. But can u remeber the cartoons that wer in issue 2 and 3? More pls i love em...

    And remember we are all in it for the same reason. The stoke! The stoke of boogering. So if we can help these talented mag creators then y not? Besides who knows the buyers better than the buyers?:o
  • ElementreeElementree
    September 2009
    Hi Diego.

    I think I speak on behalf of the entire mag crew in saying thank you for showing such a keen interest in the mag.
    It is great to get feedback.

    I would love to see sixty40 go from being 52 pages to 104 pages of mouth watering shots and info, but it just isn't possible as it stands. Pages cost money to print and as you might have seen on the other thread about the "poster request", the mag just doesn't pull enough capital in order to expand. Or even to be able to print a quartely poster for that matter.

    It would be great to cover all the comps and give every reader something to froth about from their local area, but that's where sixty40 online comes in. If you know of a comp - school comp, club comp, whatever comp - and have a reasonable command of the English language why not try putting together a pre event release and an event conclusion for us to post in the sixty40 news section? A couple of good photos would be great to include with the write up even if they're just of the prize giving or lifestyle shots.

    We're always looking for bodyboarding related content to be posted online in order to keep the stoke alive in between mags. Hence the reason an interview as good as the one Damon Crawford did recently with Mark McCarthy features online instead of in the next issue - "The Mark McParty interview"

    If anyone knows of any events they would like to cover drop me an email and we can discuss the ins and outs of comp coverage - gareth[at]

    Or if any company is interested in running a poster in Sixty40 Bodyboarding Magazine, please contact ian[at]
  • Diego
    September 2009
    Wel thanks haha someon sees i wasnt being degrading haha but i will get the word out about events and covering of things as such so yeah and if anyone wants to help give me a shout on [email protected].

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