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How to score a wave?

  • Diego
    May 2009
    Ok the other day i was in a comp in propper shit conditions and on a sneaky wave barely with a wall and no lip i did five three spins a roll on the'closeout' of the wave and then followed with another two spins. I got five for that wave im a lil confused bowt that but hey i was just wodrein where u get point scoring from oh and they didin count the last two spins cos it was on the 'foam' which was basically the whole wave

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  • Spy Dude
    May 2009
    Sit down with the head judge and ask him/her how they are scoring the contest.

    Personally i think contests in anything under 3ft should be outlawed!IMHO
  • Diego
    May 2009
    Yea uhm it was a school comp and my school sucks im the best on the team(not to blow my own horn but its the truth) and yea i dunna im over it i was just wondering what i shoulda gotten for that wave considering but heck who cares and does anybody know where the first bb trials are being held this weekend
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