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Wrist vs bisep leash

  • Francois
    April 2009
    Yo dudes

    I noticed in the latest sixty40 mag that some pro's use a bicep leash and then there is a pic of I think Spex, using a wrist leash. Is this personal preference or does it depend on the type of wave and moves????

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  • Inky
    April 2009
    Hey hey,

    I used to surf with a wrist leash for many years and have only recently bought myself a bicep leash. I think it doesn't really matter they are both cool. Just a tip: If you buy a bicep leash make sure you turn the part where the leash and the strap (VELCRO) connects to your arm in towards your body or forward, I find it less obstructive that way otherwise it points out and you have tension on your leash, it gets kak annoying!. I like the bicep leash but that just me.
  • peterbee
    April 2009
    Bicep leash can bruise a bit if you use it just above the elbow joint - but once you're used to it, the only time you'll wear a wrist leash is when everything else has snapped...

    Going back to the wrist leash will be like going back to an ankle leash!
  • the king
    June 2009
    ive been wearing a bicep leash for about a year now and just to let u know..biceps are the way too go..i tried surfing with a wrist leash and it didnt work..
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