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Josh and Aden Kleve going large...

  • Spy Dude
    March 2009
    Yo kids
    Check out this sweeet little vid thats up on

    Josh and Aden Kleve at their local break... The Hoek, as good as it gets, totally owning it.

    there is a link under the video that will take you to a slideshow gallery. Stills from the session from myself and peter lambert, as well as a photo portfolio from Ian Thurtel and some stills from Geoff Redman in regards to that massive swell at New Pier.

    My aim is to direct wavescape as a portal to all wave riders, this is the new south africa and there will be no discrimination.

    Enjoy the flick.

    Spy.... over and out!

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  • peterbee
    March 2009
    Sick photos, dude - saw them yesterday... if I'd been out there I'd have poo'd some bricks for sure!
  • Scarecrow
    March 2009
    Yup, it sure was nice n heavy! My leash is still twice the length of my board after that sesh :lol:
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