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Grip and Rip Bodyboard club

  • Jaypee
    November 2008
    Hello, as a member of Grip N Rip Bodyboard Club. I would like to give you some knowledge on the club and why me and Martin created it. As knowing there are not any Bodyboard clubs in the bay, Martin and I decided to start one up and we named it "Grip N Rip". If anyone one is interested in joining you could contact Martin "po10cy" Alan Carlson or Jean-Pierre "jaypee" Roux (me) here or by emailing us at [email protected] or just posting a reply to this topic.

    Jp Roux

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  • KellyKelly
    November 2008
    Nice one guys! Best of luck!
  • po10cy
    November 2008
    yup, anybody is welcome to join, even if you enjoy the occasional surf, this would help to promote the sport to newcomers who want to learn more and progress in the sport without feeling embarrassed that they maybe cant do all the moves.

    hopefully we can get our own domain and website up sometime, and also build up enough members to start some friendly fun competitions and go on bodyboarding road trips.

    the only thing better than bodyboarding, is bodyboarding with a bunch of supportive mates.
  • Jaypee
    January 2009
    Grip and RIp Bodyboard Club, wishes happy new years to all. Our 2009 goal is to get pe bodyboarding up and have local competitions, tho we cannot do it without the support. So Any interested bodyboards around the bay want to sign up with the club. leave me a message! We need to help our way with bodyboarding as it is the sport we live for. :D
  • lyle
    October 2009
    yo guys sup? howz the club going?

    if its stil up n running maybe ill try organise a few fellus this end (EL) and we can have a weekend of friendly compo? we come there one time then you owes come here next? and if ous arent keen for comps maybe just a road trip to explore eachothers spots? you know, car full of ous (4)comming here or us cruising there?

    if all else fails i know one or two guys that would join your club and cruise to pe once in awhile for a club comp. you know, nothing serious, just all put R50 in and 1st n 2nd get the winnings or something?

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