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Ishmael Grant takes Gold

  • Spy Dude
    October 2008
    I just wanna congratulate da Schmo for kicking some serious ass at the World Mythai Champs in Korea.
    He was the only Saffa to bring home the gold. We also brought home a couple of silvers and a few bronzes medals. Schmo knocked his korean opponent out in 35sec flat in the final and was thus crowned world champion. (the oke is in a neck brace apparently)
    Ahoy bru. Well done.

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  • Elianderthehateful
    October 2008
    Maybe they should call the sport "Naai Taai"...
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    October 2008
    Thats my Yettie!!!
    Yesman :!:
    Come shmodel it for us bruv :lol:
  • Len at ScienceLen at Science
    October 2008
    i am so glad we are friend!!!!!
  • Aadam Grant
    October 2008
    The brother represented on another level. He had 3 fights over 3 days (you cannot comprehend how heavy and straining this is on the mind and human body... conditioning and hard work is key, yet one thing you need most is HEART), having Poland in his first fight, he won all rounds hands down, he then took on flashy USA in the semi finals, whom he dismantled piece by piece, round after round, earning himself yet another unanimous decision. He then had Korea in the finals, which was gonna be a smasher, after all the Korean had home advantage and all expected him to win. My bro thought otherwise and went all in, literally breaking his opponent, knocking him down not once but twice. The Korean corner through in the towel after 30 seconds and my bro was crowned CHAMP.

    I cannot even begin to explain how proud and honored I am to be his brother. Congratulations Ismaeel Grant. You da man. Much love.
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