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Opening URL's in Sixty40

  • Spy Dude
    August 2008
    Kelly, will it be possible to set the onclick on the embedded URL's in the forum to open in a new window (_blank) as it sux that you loose the site when someone posts a link and you click on it.

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  • August 2008
    your other option in the mean time can be Right Click open in new tab / window :)
  • po10cy
    August 2008
    or hold down ctrl while you click the link :D it becomes second nature after a while.

    edit: or if your mouse has a middle button or scroll wheel, press down on that and viola new window/tab hehe
  • Spy Dude
    August 2008
    or i can ask the webmaster to code in

    hence its in the suggestion topic of the forum.

    maybe i dont want to right click, or cntrl click, maybe i just want to left click! cos i am uber lazy.

    mmmmmm......Demi Moore in GI Jane last night
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