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Get 2gether?

  • Jaypee
    August 2008
    Hey was wondering if some guys want to get together at pipe some time.. im quite newish to bodyboarding and still struggling to do 360's, so maybe can organise a get to gether and teach eachother how to perfect moves and that? just a proposal! :D

    Kind Regards
    Jp Roux

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  • ElementreeElementree
    August 2008
    That sounds like an awesome plan JP...i hope some of the PE Boys pull through and lend a hand.
  • Jaypee
    August 2008
    yea, I spoke to some people and they also interested. :)
  • po10cy
    August 2008
    Hey JP

    im defenitely keen!

    drop me a pm, would be cool to do this often, helps promote the sport and push everyone to do their best when part of a group rather than going out alone.

    let me know!
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