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Miami waves -- its cooking bru!

  • Spy Dude
    July 2008

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  • ElementreeElementree
    July 2008
    Looks like a young Blacktip Shark.

    How oblivious is Blondie?...ha ha
  • Spy Dude
    July 2008
    and 10 yrs ago they said no shark breached
    5 years ago they said only GW in False bay breached
    3 yrs ago they admitted that GW breach everywhere
    and now it seems that the blacktips breach too...
    hmmmm interesting

    or could it be a shark global consiousness ( however that word is spelt) thing going on here.

    whats next, flying whale sharks!
  • ChilternburtChilternburt
    July 2008
    umm dont mako's breach as well...
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    July 2008
    LOL, ja Blondie is so far away......until he hears the splash that is hahaha :lol:
  • ChilternburtChilternburt
    July 2008
    craig.. you would have been on the beach by now...
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