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KZN floods - 18 June 2008

  • KellyKelly
    June 2008
    Looks like some mad weather is hammering KZN again, this time it's flooding. I had the following images sent to me this morning.

    Anyone up for a paddle?

    [attachment=7]Flood - Port Shepstone 2.jpg[/attachment]
    [attachment=6]Flood - Port Shepstone 3.jpg[/attachment]
    [attachment=5]Flood - Port Shepstone 4.jpg[/attachment]
    [attachment=4]Flood - Port Shepstone.jpg[/attachment]
    [attachment=3]Flood - St Mikes.jpg[/attachment]
    [attachment=2]Flood - Uvongo 2.jpg[/attachment]
    [attachment=1]Flood - Uvongo Falls 2.jpg[/attachment]
    [attachment=0]Flood - Uvongo Falls.jpg[/attachment]

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  • ElementreeElementree
    June 2008
    Heavy days...on the plus side...there might be some sick banks after it's finished. :lol:
  • Len at ScienceLen at Science
    June 2008
    watch out for the snakes on the beach, remember 2006 SA Champs. it brings back memories. for the ouks who stay there, hope it does not get worse.
  • papa-dpapa-d
    June 2008
    Well actually, there's no need to worry about the snakes on the beach at all this time round, because there is no beach. Unlike last time where it left us something for the Judges Tower for the SA Champs, it's taken the beach away completely and dumped it near where the shark nets should be and there's a bit of an "A" Frame effect happening, but if you'd try ride it you'd get impaled by a few trees or knocked out by a huge Tractor Tyre (still with rim in, there's a few of those, even a brand new tyre with the shinny mag inplace)!
    This type of thing happened with the '87 floods and Uvongo got the best of it for years after, the banks were fanominal back then - I only hope this happens again, cause I was too young to take full advantage of it then....Holding thumbs!!!
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