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Support for Video productions

  • JdV
    May 2008
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    Kelly wrote:
    ColinvanDongen wrote:
    I also don't really see a long term demand for Bodyboarding on TV either unless our own brands come to the table. But lets see what happens when DSD gets released.

    The reality is that if you are looking to bodyboarding companies for support then you do have those who will try and support you and those that won't. Those that will are the one's which probably have overstretched budgets as it is so you need to make sure you get your pitch into them as soon as you can so that they can factor you into their budgets.

    You also need to work out how many productions are being produced locally in the year and make sure you don't clash otherwise you may be fighting over a not very substantial pot. South Africa can realistically support one local production per year with the current industry players. Obviously we would like to see this grow but realise where we are first and then move on from there. The ideal would be to move to 2 releases per year with Brands A, B & C supporting a release in the first half of the year and Brands X, Y & Z supporting a second production released in the latter half of the year.

    If you can sell bodyboarding to outside companies then that is where we want to be taking our sport and anyone who thinks that they could bring one of these companies on as an advertiser for any production, event or even the mag should contact those behind the production and ask for a referral fee.

    As far as support from big outside company's goes, i can't realistically see this happening, at least not in any substantial way, for some years to come.

    you have to ask yourself, why would a company that doesn't sell bodyboards, wetsuits, leashes, wax or whatever else, want to sponsor and be involved in bodyboarding, or be involved in any other sport that they are not directly related to? and well obviously the answer is that they may get some mileage out of it, advertising etc, their company that sells soft drinks could be associated with something cool like surfing and that helps get public interests and create a cool image of that company.

    but if we face reality, bodyboarding isn't cool - at least not as far as the general public is concerned. we don't have the money or public interest to get our events broadcast on tv, and even when they are it's usually 2 foot mush, floppo's to the beach and spins in the foam..which i personally feel does more harm to the sport than good.

    so really we're in a bit of a pickle here, we're not gonna get support from major players until the public sees us as cool and we're not gonna be seen as cool until we get support from major players!

    I feel the answer lies in strong bodyboarding based companys initially, ten years ago the aussies bailed the 90's contest format, bailed the surf companys, and started going big! they built up a strong core bodyboarding industry which could sustain it's pro riders and get kids amped, and probably went about getting some decent coverage for a few mind-blowing events(shark island, box etc.) and look at where bodyboarding is in aus today, they've got Milo advertising in Riptide for god-sake!

    I feel that for a long time SABA has mis-managed bodyboarding in SA, paying lip service to going big etc, but at the end of the day the same shocking acts of grovelling go down at every contest, in the same terrible waves and the perpetrators are rewarded everytime(not to say that there aren't some guys who are great all rounders and stand out in contests and free surfs, but maybe that they shouldn't have to be reduced to that)..and this is what the public thinks of bodyboarding if they see it at all. how can we expect big outside company's to support us when really we have nothing to offer them in return.

    We've got too build this from the roots up, there's no point in chasing a token few thousand rands from corporates here and there with no foundations for it to all stand on, we need strong bodyboarding companys, and pro's who can be well looked after by these company's, who in turn will get more and more kids amped, and supporting our companys, growing things further, then some solid media coverage of REAL bodyboarding and a well run national tour held at quality waves, from there things can only go up.

    I realise that i've brought up a lot of negatives here and not many solutions, and on that note i'd like to commend colin for his work with don't stop dreaming, it looks awesome and i'm sure it'll do us a great deal of justice, and also to the people involved in this new production, it sounds like a great idea too.

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  • Spy Dude
    May 2008
    i would dig to see an extreame tv channel

    Like for instance i play fanticy surfer and with live web streaming i can actually watch live footage from the major contests. The chopes contest was epic and am currently following the glode Pro in Fiji.

    So an extreame sports channel hey
    Tow Surfing
    Kite surfing
    Moutain biking
    Sky diving
    Base jumping
    freestyle mountain climbing
    cliff diving
    ulitmate fighting (MMA)
    basically anything that is unconventional and doesnt get heaps of covrage on traditional sports channels

    Stuff that should not appear
    Grid iron
    cricket in any form
    basket ball
    net ball
    horse racing
    show jumping
    lawn bowls
    horse polo
    water polo
    sincronised swimming
    show diving
    basically any sport that appears in the summer olympic games
  • Chinnychinchin
    May 2008
    Bru you make a couple of very good points, yes we must be realistic, but never negative. Our sport is more than a sport, it's a lifestyle...thats our biggest selling point. Surfing sold their lifestyle and joe public lapped it up and can't get enough of it. Sure we grovel in 2ft mush but so does surfing.....they can try throw the tail as much as they want but it still looks weak. Everyone of us know we grovel in weak waves, but does that make us all pack it in and grab a minimal....HELL NO!!!!! It makes us even more amped to go huge when there are good waves!! Our sport is "punk", it's about rage....raging against THE MAN that wants us to conform to weak surf lable clones with gay elitest attitudes. You wanna know why the AUSSIE bbing industry has done so well?? ...... SUPPORT .... plain and simple. They are a community that supports eachother, buys the brands, SUBSCRIBES TO THE MAG, puts their consumer power where it counts. Lets stop looking for that elusive cash cow "sports drink", motor brand or "big corporate" and start supporting our own. Lets face it, if we do hook a "big corporate", will throwing big money at contests really change everything, I don't think so, not until we as the PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN BBing community STOP thinking our own sport isn't worth an R80 subcription? Come-on guys we can debate all this stuff till the cows come home and the cows go out to pasture again. Money talks BS walks. BUY local brands, support local contests even if we just go to watch and let US as the bbing community start making the changes NOW, so that in 10 years time we too can have a fleet of jetskies hitting epic Sunset reef with 5 camera-men (or women) and a helicopter for the arieal view. It does not take alot. If you need a new board, buy ATD or Rossi or the other local brands, buy the brands that support our pro's, subcribe to the mag, if you need a new wettie, buy Reef. If you want a new Vid buy DSD, Pull the plug or one of the brilliant local vid's, if you need new clothes or anything else buy from FACTORY 7 or only from the local surf store that supports bbing. It even starts during your next session, if you see someone ripping paddle up to them and say bru you rip, keep it up, go huge. Spred the vibe. You'd be surprised how quickly a good vibe spreds. Show respect. Pick up trash around your car in the parking lot. Show the world this is your house and your here to stay.

    The change starts right here right now, not yesterday or tommorrow or next week, change paradigm and rage against "THE MAN" cause being a BODYBOARDER IN SA KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • May 2008
    ill just comment on a few points with my two cents worth ;)

    contests, yes they can be cool but never appeal to me here in SA and many people due to various reasons and what was mentioned in the start by Jdv, TOO MUCH GROVELLING! if i want to be a groveller i would aim at being one... if i want to ride a contest i want to enter a contest and not a grovel to scoretest. Also on a side note the fees of contests are a joke and can understand why so many kids just couldnt give a hoot about entering... went down to derdersteen and think i saw more school kids riding the local school contest and trying to get into the team, which by the way had a higer head count from what it seemed then the whole of WP Trial and probably close or if not more then any contest held in SA!!!! YES that was only 3 schools in the area... imagine how many other riders there are?! Most of them arent interested to ride other contests, cause it doesnt appeal to them?! WHY? entry fees to high for there pocket money, divisions and the list goes on... maybe members should be down at the schools and asking questions about what the youth see, expect and would like to see?

    normally you find bigger brands sponsoring surfing as lots of the guys make good livings and have cash to spend... bodyboarders are namely borke and scrapping over the last pizza crust!! so ask yourself why someone like Toyota or something like that should be advertising cars and solid stuff with bodyboarding? what are they going to get out of it except thats a nice car and next page...

    but yes believe there should be a foundation for the sport to grow off, think the bodyboarding industry is starving the sport from its growth and you have the wrong people running it which has a knock on effect to everyone else!! Yes economy is going down also but if you cant get the right people get the right people ...

    thats all from me on my side... goto get back to some monitor calibration cause theres something screwy around here ;)

    ps sports channel runs all those other sports as they dont pay people to display there stuff on the channel, you offer it to them and if they like it etc they will run it... so yes they are milking the industry also!

    go back to the roots and rebel against the sh_t brands!! we can live and get further then them and if they dont want to support there own community and growth then tough we will go else where


  • May 2008
    mind you the only change ive seen since i started bodyboarding about since 1996ish is that they have changed the mag 3 times and now we have sixty40 which is independant from other publishers... thats 12 years later since i started to pick up a bodyboard and see how things went and are now...

    hmmm did i miss out on anything else that has changed in the last 10years plus here? Maybe a handful pushing the sport a little more with exploring and charging.. but thats all i can think for for now. Sure we have a online community which is growing and is great but thats about it. We are a close community and thats cool.

    Where would you like to see bodyboarding in 10 years time? Will it be like surfing and slide into that same attitude and forgotten where we have come from?

    Maybe we should just be ourselves, love what we do and spend more time enjoying it and not fighting it, we are not surfers and we will never be so we need to stop being like them also...

  • blinkum
    June 2008
    ok i would dig to throw my 2 cents in as well...

    coming from a media background in my opinion public opionion is basically shaped by the media. (guess thats not much of a no-brainer)
    the difference with a thriving industry and one thats battling, is hype. thats where we come in. Trust me, the public does think bboarding is cool, and increasingly so. there's a cool surfer type inside every one...
    thats the whole thing, promote the 'cool' to the kids, hype it up. At the end of the day its not about waiting for the public to decide whats cool, its about telling them whats cool, and brands would definately want to buy into that. I reckon. And no, we dont need the big money to make this happen. We can make a good first series on a small budget and make it good enough to get enough interest and money for an improved but equally 'roots' second series.

    its about looking at the obstacles and finding ways around it.
    our hearts are in it, thats a good start surely. :P

    oh yes, not only as a production do we get to convince the public whats cool, but the same principle can be applied to the people we would want sponsorship and funding from. Its not too difficult to find out what we can do in return for them, bartering old school style. Convince them that our product is cool and that they want to buy into it. Awesome. As far as i'm concerned with a subject matter like an underground subculture that is essentially the epitome of cool, that shouldnt be too hard.
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