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would you dig a series about SA surfing/bbing ?

  • blinkum
    May 2008
    Hey guys, i'm new here. Doing some research since i'm interested in making a series about surfing in south Africa, body boarding and surfing, that is.

    Was just wondering what your thoughts on that would be? anyone have any opinions and/or ideas.

    We consist of two camera girls, we've both dabbled in surfing a bit. We thought it would be a good idea to do a kind of lifestyle program on surfing/boarding in SA.
    Not just the surfing itsself but more about the people and what they do, where they hang out etc.

    Found the mag and just love it! Really think its a worth while idea and excited. To get it going though i have to research what you guys think and whether you would dig something local like that?

    Please write back on this forum and you can email me at

    or buzz me on 0790371732

    ill be contacting the boyz from science, reef and factory7 soon, would appreciate your thoughts on this as well though.

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  • ElementreeElementree
    May 2008
    Sounds like a plan.

    There are quite a few experienced videographers and industry players who frequent this website so i am sure that you will get the advice you are looking for.

    Oh yeah...and welcome to sixty40! :lol:
  • koslovski001
    May 2008
    I think that is wicked idea and would definitely being interested in seeing some thing like that. Best of luck at getting it going. :wink:
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    May 2008
    Yes pleez!!!
    That would be awesome :mrgreen:
    I think u'll find loads of help and support right here & that our lil community is just wat u've been looking for too.
    Everyone is lank approachable and eager to help be it the even smallest thing.

    Welcome to sixty40 :!:
    All the bestestest
  • lyle
    May 2008

    lank good idea mte!!! best of luck!
  • blinkum
    May 2008
    Hi guys, thank you for your welcome responses, Awe.

    will be checking out this thread every few days, for advice and feedback. Would love to know who the videographers are also, because we would like to feature them as well:)

    Thanks Guys!
  • Spy Dude
    May 2008
    ok my only insight is this.

    too many times have south african videoraphers tried to make a surf movie and its nothing more than a 2 hr heavy metal made for MTV bore with zero naration and over edited, tightly cropped moves. Yes i am flipping bored of bbing movies that are (in the space of 10 seconds) tube, ars, invert, tube, dkfloater, ars, invert, bigger invert, wipeout, ars, roll, spin, forward air spin, revo, revo, tube, someones dog, roll, spin, ars... show more of the wave, it helps place bbing in the greater sport of surfing and not just a one trick per wave wonder. I often find non bodyboarders get super bored of out films, where in the same breath they stay glued to a surfing or a wakeboarding DVD.

    Use local music, show culture, people, places, spaces and stuff other than the beach, location shots are a dime a dozen in SA, and most of all, include our unique accents, from the hot pototo southern capies, to the gam "öw my brah" to the harsh weskus, I ARE A BOOGIEBOARDER.. to the durban "naaaccee china, hundreds and all n all." Give it identity!

    But please refrain from the touristy over the top wildlife shots... if you watch endless summer 2 (a classic) you will think that lions roam freely on the road to jbay... MIND THE ELEPHANT!

    Lastly, show surfing for what it is, a brotherhood, a community, show the positive vibe of our sport, black and white, young and old, standup, goatboat and booger all enjoying the waves together. Shits and giggles, happy days.

    Hope that makes sence.
  • Chinnychinchin
    May 2008
    Just one small request......PLEASE DON'T EVER use ANY music from The Beachboys.......EVER.

    Thanks.....and good luck with the project.
  • koslovski001
    May 2008
    I have to agree with spy dude... It cant be just another surf flick... what would be really cool is if you made it more of a surfumentory (no sure if that is a real word :D ) and when you are showing surf footage and do try and make use of South African bands for the music, there are some really awesome safa bands out there that would just kill for a break like that...
  • peterbee
    May 2008
    If you want to do something other than just your typical surf movie (as Spy puts it, something like: tube, invert, bigger invert, ARS, tube, tube etc), there are two aspects that I would enjoy seeing explored in a more documentary format:

    1. what makes us bodyboard, i.e. what makes it unique; not just a beginners activity, but a world-class sporting activity - and the pride it instills in us as a community

    2. the ongoing, and generally needless, battles between bodyboarders and stand-ups: perceptions and bigotry, reasons for these perceptions, how it can be changed, how OUR attitudes can change it...

    (Last word: I wouldn't be crazy about locations being revealed...)
  • blinkum
    May 2008
    wow, good work so far guys.
    must say i agree, that's exactly what we want to achieve.
    firstly, its about the people, who they are and why they do it.
    The south african vibe, the local vibes. Sipping Jetstreams was a huge inspiration in terms of the 'non-water' shots.
    secondly, the idea of settling the rivalry between body boarders and surfers, very important, i mean after all we all have one thing in common - the ocean and the enjoyment of it. The stoke after all is the same.
    We want to inspire, educate and entertain both those who are already in the scene, and those who are new or know nothing about it.
    it will truly be a lifestyle program, not just the surfin/bboarding itsself but other things they do, for example if anyone that we're featuring is an artist, sculpturer, painter, graff artist, illustrator, photographer etc, let alone the bands!

    About the spots, i reckon if someone introduces us to like a super secret spot, and they don't want us to say where it is then mum's the word. That way we can inspire okes to find super cool places. At the end of the day we respect what you guys give us so if you don't want certain info to be revealed then thats fine. we can still film you ripping it up there, but just won't say where it is:)

    also, we plan to have bits about the lingo of the sport for entertainment as well as the science behind it for example, why and how swells and wind affects certain types of breaks etc. just a bit of edu for those that are not so op it.:) but are interested.

    Anyway thats that for now
    shot guys
  • Spy Dude
    May 2008
    I disagree with Peter on one thing.
    Its a negative to show the bad vibe between booger and resin monkey.
    Its a positive to show bodyboarder and surfer enjoying a session together, pushing one another to go bigger and harder.

    Sfr vs BBr is like soooooo last centuary. but as long as you keep reminding people of the hate (like zigzag does in respect to this very subject and the ANC does in respect to Racism) the hate will never go away. And of evryone ... Pete you should know what it is like to be on the recieving end of old school, myoptic hate for no reason other than the board you ride.

    No point in adding petrol to the fire!
  • blinkum
    May 2008
    Yes well let me stress this again,

    what we would like to do essentially is show how kind of outdated it is to be judgmental, show how cool it is to be....well cool!
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    May 2008
    Agreed fully :wink:
    But Spy ur 2nd sentence i think sort of stuffed a bee down ur underwater reed ninja breathing mechanism LOL!!! :lol:
    Im sure it surface at sum point that it is indeed the surfers who hav the BBQ frito on their shoulder :mrgreen:

    All in all Im thinking its a swell idea and the mere fact that its the ladies who r doin it says alot about our sport and the people in it in general dont u think?

    Kiffness all round 8)
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    May 2008
    oh ja....wats this about old skool?
  • Spy Dude
    May 2008
    craigtrilivas wrote:
    But Spy ur 2nd sentence i think sort of stuffed a bee down ur underwater reed ninja breathing mechanism LOL!!! :lol:

    ok you totally lost me there :|
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    May 2008
    Resin Monkey brooo!!!
    LMAO :lol:
  • Spy Dude
    May 2008
    oh thats just another name for toothpick hero :wink:
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    May 2008
    im busy laughin like the dood on ur avatar right now bro .....ppppfffffsssshhhhhhahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!(spit spray spit)
  • peterbee
    May 2008
    Yo, Spy; I don't mean for something like this to be used to surfer-bash, but rather to break down the prejudices into what causes them, and what perpetuates them.

    Def. bodyboarders are often as much to blame as the fiberglass glamour-boys, and even when we acknowledge we need to tone down our bull, we'll still make anti-surfer jokes with our buds just for a laugh, not really appreciating how this subtly perpetuates the attitude.

    We all know that where there's smoke there's fire - just as we hate it when it when the stand-ups come riding round the foam calling us off the critical section, it must be pretty crap when everytime they're about drop into a wave, some body-boarding not-so-grom has snaked through onto the shallow section and comes wooping past. I guess my thinking is it would be kiff for everybody to own the baggage they bring to the carousel, see where to go from there... But that's me, an idealist :-)
  • koslovski001
    May 2008
    on the point of revealing locations... when showing mainstream locations, telling peeps where it is is fine, how ever if you have tagged along with a couple riders to one of there more secret spots have the respect for them to not reveal the locations, sure peeps are going to figure it out sooner or later if they know there coastline.
  • misfit
    May 2008
    At the point where you want to featue graffiti artists or whatever. It won' work. People who are in a band who surf, if both the band sounds good and the person is adequate on a wave, could be OK. People have done this sort of thing before, and the viewer waits for some surf-related or whatever type clip to come on, and its all about shit Graf artists in the Southern Suburbs. People lose interest if you lose focus of one common point.

    Look at Blunt.

    Its fucking kak.
  • blinkum
    May 2008
    hey that's very interesting, thanks misfit. Trust me, the most important thing to us is that we want to make something the viewers want to watch, that means we are flexible enough to change whatever is needed, and sensitive and interested enough to figure out when something needs to change. What we might to as part of preliminary setup, is invite a couple of you interested okes, and then show you what we've got once we've put it all together and get some real constructive feedback. how about that? :)
    the whole point at the end of the day is that unspeakable thing that brings waterpeople together, the whole vibe, surely that will be reflected in their art/music as well. Trust me, there will be enough for you adrenalin junkies out there to keep you happy. even more so, if you keep us posted on your opinions and what you want.
    keep it up boys, you are amaaaa-zing!
  • JmoJmo
    May 2008
    This sounds remarkably similar to what Colin has done/been doing with his 'Don't Stop Dreaming' series. Those of you that have had a look at the trailer would more than likely agree that he seems to have captured an awesome balance of action, lifestyle, rider commentry and entertaining effects/transitions.

    Blinkum: How do you rate the DSD trailer compared to what you have envisioned?
  • koslovski001
    May 2008
    where can I go to view the DSD trailer :?:
  • KellyKelly
    May 2008
    koslovski001 wrote:
    where can I go to view the DSD trailer :?:

    From the menu go to > Gallery > Video Gallery
  • Spy Dude
    May 2008
    ducks fly east in autum.... :mrgreen:
  • koslovski001
    May 2008
    thanks kelly :D
  • JmoJmo
    May 2008
    Oh yeah sorry about that, I should have stuck the link in my post... I'll have to work on my forum etiquette :oops:
  • krukru
    May 2008
    hey blinkum,

    where abouts are you based?
    I have a few connections in the production industry so drop me an e mail on
    and maybe we can make some plans,

    excellent idea though,
    I like it.
  • ColinvanDongen
    May 2008
    Hey ous...
    Sounds interresting I wont diss it unless it is balanced out between Surfing and Bodyboarding and Proper budgets are organised for both. But to be honest..
    There is soooo much fricken surfing on TV already.. The huge problem with this is finding a label that is willing to do this for both Bodyboarding and Surfing..
    As a lot of surf brands dont want to support Bodyboarding.. As I result we as Bodyboarders shouldnt support or buy their Products.

    I also dont really see a long term demand for Bodyboarding on TV either unless our own brands come to the table. But lets see what happens when DSD gets released.
    all the best
    Colin van Dongen

    Can Check out Hi Res version on: :shock:

    Youtube Version - or goto youtube and type :dontstopdreaming
  • brandon.k
    May 2008
    wow anri you u really have everyone one there knees here....

    make best use of all this information, coz right here is where its at.... altho im kinda thinkn that DSD has already pulled thru on this. But ur ampd not just on bbdg so yeah give it a go. any plans on gettn started already, u have been talkn about this for months, sorry for been lazy but 4th year is biting my ass.

    anyways best of luck
  • ColinvanDongen
    May 2008
    EPIC NEWS!!!!
    Mate of mine - true legend...Wesley Liquorish has just nailed a sick interview with the man himself Mike Stewart :shock: and Jeff Hubbard.. :D for,
    Gonna be great.. Awesome to see the pros are amped to make this thing happen.. Respect.

    Colin van Dongen
  • KellyKelly
    May 2008
    ColinvanDongen wrote:
    I also don't really see a long term demand for Bodyboarding on TV either unless our own brands come to the table. But lets see what happens when DSD gets released.

    The reality is that if you are looking to bodyboarding companies for support then you do have those who will try and support you and those that won't. Those that will are the one's which probably have overstretched budgets as it is so you need to make sure you get your pitch into them as soon as you can so that they can factor you into their budgets.

    You also need to work out how many productions are being produced locally in the year and make sure you don't clash otherwise you may be fighting over a not very substantial pot. South Africa can realistically support one local production per year with the current industry players. Obviously we would like to see this grow but realise where we are first and then move on from there. The ideal would be to move to 2 releases per year with Brands A, B & C supporting a release in the first half of the year and Brands X, Y & Z supporting a second production released in the latter half of the year.

    If you can sell bodyboarding to outside companies then that is where we want to be taking our sport and anyone who thinks that they could bring one of these companies on as an advertiser for any production, event or even the mag should contact those behind the production and ask for a referral fee.
  • blinkum
    May 2008
    yo wow guys thanks so much.

    in terms of the dont stop dreaming, i think its awesome and then of course i thought maybe they did what we want to do already....
    but, and this is the cool thing. ours will be specifically local, trying to get more exposure for local brands, boarders and labels alike. i think that will be the main difference. we don't want to compete on that level.

    local is the key word.

    secondly, i'm busy gettin all the research together in regards to which channels we will be approaching, as well as the labels. so thanks for the info so far and will get in touch with all the links provided! thanks so much.

    the fact is, i dont know anyone rushing home at night to watch a boarding/surfing programme on TV, maybe you guys can enlighten me. my head is buzzing....
    hard to keep an eye on everything.

    and yes, its not going to be easy, but sometimes, with the right attitude and intention, things fall into place. so keep letting us know what you want and we will carve it into the brilliant series its meant to be. We are small fry, and not looking to step on any big toes. :)

    we just makin something that we would want to watch.

    thanks buck. love you long time.

    its a lot of work and we appreciate what you guys are doin so far.

    speak soon and keep rippin it up, will be seeing you okes shortly at a beach near you, haha.

    by the way, is chasing dreams premiering in Cape town anytime soon?
  • blinkum
    May 2008
    also, at the moment we still busy working on the actual content and style of the pilot episode, after that we will seriously look into sponsorship, however with enough interest in the series, i'm sure we will be able to get what we need.

    keep it up.
  • blinkum
    May 2008
    in fact i was thinking we would dig to get together with sixty40 crew and talk about featuring things that were in the magazine, as well as the magazine itsself in the pilot. so featuring the magazine and who's behind it, as well as get in touch with DC Mike, mike McCarthy and talk about

    Anyone involved in the Red bull Big Wave at all?
    give us a shout.
  • KellyKelly
    May 2008
    blinkum wrote:
    in fact i was thinking we would dig to get together with sixty40 crew and talk about featuring things that were in the magazine, as well as the magazine itsself in the pilot. so featuring the magazine and who's behind it, as well as get in touch with DC Mike, Mark McCarthy and talk about

    Ian Kruger is your contact here and you should have an email from him already - please go ahead and set up a meeting. We can help with all the above.
  • blinkum
    May 2008
    "As a lot of surf brands dont want to support Bodyboarding.. As I result we as Bodyboarders shouldnt support or buy their Products."

    I don't know about that Colin, Thats definately not the kind of attitude our show would endorse at all.

    i understand that there is always politics involved, in everything actually. Luckily i'm an anarchist so i don't tend to be phased by much, at all.:)

    i appreciate everyone's perspective though, i just think the above attitude is not really very productive, but people do have a right to their opinion. At the end of the day if brands want the exposure they will approach us or allow us to approach them, if they're not keen then they're not keen, nothing i can do about that.

    That attitude is like saying well, in hawaii surfin started on stand up surf boards so we shouldn't go body board there.
    anyway, hope all the issues sort themselves out, cos i'm kindof lazy that way. :)

    please keep talkin though, i'm sure this particular argument might bring up some stuff...
    peace all.
  • the king
    June 2008
    ja...that sounds so sik, amped to see it on the screen

    Heres something that i think you should do interview the guy before he goes and surf and show what hes made of...Ask him what inspired you to bodyboard,how u found the spot(if secret), What your goals are, how long have u been bodyboarding and what do u think about bodyboarding growing all the time and ask him about the vibe in the water, Where he goesand gets fodd and just the basic area and surf culture around him..

    This series sounds quite sik...hope i could have helped..

    4 now
  • ColinvanDongen
    June 2008
    Nice just finished Ivan section today.. Gonna be epic.. THanks for everyones help...
    Amazing.. Sure his familyu, friends and him especially will be STOKED>

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  • ColinvanDongen
    June 2008
    Buying Surfing products makes the Surfing industry Bigger. Buying Bodyboarding Products makes Bodyboarding bigger. Thats the truth buddy. No other way to look at it. Its not being negative - its the truth. Thats all I meant. Support companies that support Bodyboarding and our sport will grow, and if you are a surfer support companies that support surfing and naturally surfing will grow. No need to turn this into something dramatic and make it out to be something it is not.

    I've been producing a range of Surfing and Extreme Sport shows for the past 10 years around the world and to be honest the Broadcast industry will not accept your production if it doesnt have something unique thats different from whats currently on TV. It will be great to see local riders but you will need something more that what you've said above.

    Dontstopdreaming premieres and DVDs will takeplace and be sold around Capetown, Durban, London, Newquay, Hawaii and then launched internationally via Broadcast :D

    All the best
    Colin van Dongen
  • blinkum
    June 2008
    i agree. at end of the day, it will be the x factor that makes this rock,

    hold onto your seats guys, i believe we are the x factor. The way my team views the world is what will make us different.
    full steam ahead

  • June 2008
    im with colin and agree what he says... to much of it already all over the tv and getting industries to support...

    support bodyboarding, well quite interesting really... ask yourself on a day to day bases what is there to support in bodyboarding really, wait REALISTICALLY?

    Yes i buy and support the mag 128.9% cause it promotes bodyboarding!
    Yes i make the effort to goto promos even if you cant buy a beer there, who cares promos arent there to promote drinking and dont think ive ever seen an Ozzie premiere where people can buy alcholic drinks?!
    Yes i get my boards from shops that support bodyboarding not the people that hand them out to every one for a cheapie price cause that just has a bad knock on effect to the sport and industry!
    Yes fins also from shops, touch wood havent lost them in years :)
    Yes leashes etc from shops and what not...


    What is there really other than that to support in bodyboarding in SA? Do we have stores that stock loads of bodyboarding apparel etc? Nope

    Next question?

    Mike DC think you come in around here ;)
  • rickyrabbott
    June 2008
    just on colins note..

    he says that she(blinkum) should try make something unique otherwise it wont be accepted.

    i havent seen DSD but it looks like a bunch of guys travelling the world to find waves. A dream that to expensive for most southafricans anyways.

    how unique is that? wasnt that done 20- 30 years ago ?

    i know he using the latest editing tools and its look like a sick production with guys in there we all know.
    a show about the "surfing" community in South africa going from the tropical warm water s of the east coast to the barren seaweed filled ICE COLD waters of the west coast seems alot more unique to me... and there s probably some or just as topclass surfspots.

    plus we can all get to these places and have the time out of our yearly jobs to get there.... you know what i mean??

  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    June 2008
    Well I think everyones opinion has its own place in this one.
    Yes, Colins documentary is looking awesome and yes it may hav been done before by some yank or ozzie but its the first one done with the latest high definition technologies which I think is amazing.
    Also its the first real one from SA's point of view & with SA boytjies :D
    People will find out just how hard it is to do this sort of thing and that the stoke on bodyboarding is what makes us leave our 9-5's and go in search of the sickest pits we can find for as long as we possibly can.

    Its about time the world saw a truely South African vid like that cos without blowing our trumpt, we produce sum of the best on this planet :!: and we should be proud.
    Theyr goin all over the world whereas the ladies r keepin it local which is lekker cos we need to promote our local scene as much as we can.

    Another thing is that I think alot of people out there just dont know that our sport exists!
    Think about it, think of the last time u heard someone say "I wanna learn how to surf" like that is the be all and end all of watersports!!!
    Thats wat gets me :(
    Cos if they knew how we can bust out, pull in and contort ourselves into the sickest thickest waves out there they would realise that bodyboarding is actually where its at 8)
    I actually had a lengthy argument a while ago with a girl who asked me if "boogyboarding" still existed!!!!
    Well I never!!!! :shock:
    She thought the boards still had handles and skegs for Pete's sake :|

    Well thats my view on it anyways.

    On the point of support for bodyboarding, why dont we all try and think outside the box and try rope in big companies that arent normally ever associated with it!
    Imagine Microsoft behind bodyboarding or a Virgin backed series of comps?
    It could b massive.
    Seems impossible I know but if u dont try u'll never know :wink:
    Im busy trying to get a Hewlett Packard angle as we speak so come on guys, if u can think something about it.
    If we get lucky then all the other biggies will take note hopefully cos they dont wanna get left behind.

    B kiff.
  • koslovski001
    June 2008
    getting major corporates I feel is the only real way to get our sport on the map BIG AND BOLD... best people to approach would be companies that promote life or an aspect there off... they are not going to part with there money easy so your pitch to them has to spot and would well be worth the effort if you could land one on of them.

    And what is stopping us from giving the big so called surfing brands a whirl... sales and marketing are always looking for a way to reach a new market and demographic, sure some of them may be a little tapped on budget because the are punting resin monkeys (just love calling them that....) but if we a community could get a couple of them to come on board and show them what our world is all about it should be a start to many more great things.

    Everybody keeps saying well there is no money from sponsors and this and that is the problem.... pull your heads out of your asses and go do some thing about. I've met some super genii that body board and are geared in there career to help the community reach these people.

    Come on people lets stop this silly south african way of thinking that there is nothing we can do and lets get out there and take control of our destiny. :mrgreen:
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    June 2008
    True true.
    Check it, quicksilver sponsor skaters aswell.
    They saw that it had a big following and their riders even bring out their own styles of jeans & watnot.
    So u see maybe theyr not all that bad u know?
    Even Billabong ( their biggest rival) jumped on that wagon!

    I mean if a company like them took the initiative and diversified themselves they would be tapping into a whole nother game!!!
    Of which the outcome would be almost certain, bodyborders would support them.
    Take Factory 7 for example, they sponsor a rider in every division!
    I think that is flippin rad.
    So if a company considered backing bodybording, skating, snowboarding and surfing they would have a plethora of market share in all those markets cos for eg: a guy like me not only digs to boogy but I enjoy a standup now and again when its small aswell as a good mini-ramp session.

    I just dont see why the companies that are already doing this kind of stuff already dont add another game to their reportoir????????
    It just makes so much sense!!!
    Its called strategic marketing u fatcats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And to be an industry leader is the way cos all that'll happen is the "others" will follow suit and copy, which by the way is a biggest form of flattery :wink:
    Then the consumer think of u first cos u were there first and that the others r just cheaper versions of u.

    The saga continues.........Im going to eat my din dinz :lol:

  • June 2008
    hmmm, well yes you can expect Quik. and Billabong to support skating as its a million times bigger then bodyboarding!

    Think the key i would say to remember is bodyboarding is quite a young and upcoming sport! It has not been around for no where near as long as surfing and skating.... those sports have been out for many many centuries before bodyboarding was even coming out.

    and when not to forget bodyboarding started out with boogyboarding so seemed like this sound / feel for the 80's disco so thats why the name probably faded pretty quickly

    also the sport of bodyboarding and majority of its top riders are younger and much fitter, you cant just jump on a board at 35years of age and start doing flips etc, thats why most people would rather buy a stand up surfboard and have some fun where a standup session is more then enough for them. sure we have some older riders around, but hey thats cool and they are loving the stoke etc.

    But to me thats why more people would rather just pick up a surfboard! Bodyboarding is more of a healthier, got big balls charging and tweaking stupidly sport and will always be thats why it appeals to the younger side of people.

    I think it will years to come till bodyboarding becomes huge here in SA, maybe least another 5 - 10 years and then who knows whats the state of this country by then?!

    To be i would be more happier to have bodyboarding as a much more tighter and underground community to be honest!! Not phased about overly killing the name of bodyboarding out there.... maybe its better that it stays more underground and special and soon people will catch onto it and want to know what its all about or be part of it ;)

    oh if we talking about promoting bodyboarding, was up at last years Durban Pro AM contest and had a bunch of foreigners come upto me and ask what contest this was, there saw the towers, t-shirts everywhere but no where did it mention anything about bodyboarding?!

    If we are so proud and want to push the sport / name of the sport then why dont we have anything to do with bodyboarding on the branding of some of our biggest contests??? Was there anything to do with a bodyboard or word on this years Pro AM contest shirts?!!

    Owes are stoked to where contest shirts etc as its a piece of bodyboarding etc and a walking label, but if we arent clever enuough to promote it on the contest shirts cause any random person sees it wont have a clue what Durban PRO AM means?!

    Maybe we just dont apply enough logic to the sport to develop it, maybe we should just give up on the politics and spend more time in the water then worrying?
  • shamierc
    June 2008

    I kinda agree with Mark, in that, lets keep bboarding underground and tight and let the sport develop itself.... i remem the 1st time i got introduced to bboarding about 6 years back...met 3 boogers rippin up at Glen i knew about surfin and all the frills and coolness that comes, man even wanted to start surfin.... but the surfing brand identity was too in-ur-face, too show-off, too much the in-thing, too commercail.....and wot these 3 boogers showed was none of that showoff-im cool vibes...they were on their own buzz - in ther own circle of stoke... it was the mysteriousnes that lured me into this insane sport that i now seriously am addicted to and my miss's wants to sumtimes murder me coz i spend so much time in the water... also its the same "underground -not over commercailised-not-everyone-does-it" feeling that keeps me in the sport...almost like a...mmmm...cartel...

    i think maybe thats wot people need to understand or know about bboarding.. is that we are chargers, full on crazy mad about the ocean and its waves - we are not ther to be fancy and look all cool and be part of the sport becoz its the "in-thing" - WE NEED TO KEEP BBOARDING PURE!!! wot it really is and not to commercially dress it up just to be on par with surfing.......right now..i think bboarding is where it needs to be in SA, if it is too low key, hey im happ ...the brand is developing itself.....i come out of a coloured community - iv had okes ask me about the sport and wots its all about, i show them sum of my picks at dias --- they like, WTF!!!!! u guys actually do that stuff and surf that waves!!!!!, they becom intrigued...they sumhow knew that ther is a bboarding community out ther....mmm...just sumwher out ther......they are curious to find out.....they see us one, two or three in a group.....rippin up at K-bay or the Hoek...but tooo actually meet a booger is actually cool...why becoz its underground....and that could maybe be the succes of the bboarding brand...they say that they never really exposed to bboarding but know everyhting about surfing, man...every tom, dick and harry are wearing all the surf brands in the world why????? becoz its cool, its the in-thing ....but i believe that its doing so much damage to the actual surfing sport and wot it actualy means to be a surfer - guys, i strongly believe we should not force the bboarding sport into the media and into popular culture just so that the sport can get some exposure and some money to develop....

    anyway, thats my bit...use it, dont use it, shove, i cant even spell properly................

    peace out homies

  • June 2008
    ja agree with shamierc there! i dont believe Riptide forced things...

    the ozzie guys went out, got stoked and pushed themselves without the worry of public etc... the public noticed them and it took off naturally.

    not saying local stoke like mags should be dropped as that is sick... just dont force it to become what its not

    come across so many surfers who check out Endless Summer and wish they could go back to those days of no worries and fun times exploring etc and just having fun.

    now there is to much evolved around it and no more pure good clean stoke

    everything is sponsor this or not doing it, they wont pay for this so wont do that... blah blah f__en blach

    over it and never fight and argue with idiots (surfers) cause they will only lower you to there level and then beat you at there game!

    nothing from MikeDC yet?!
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    June 2008
    Ja to keep the sport as alluring as we possibly can is key but u can only take it so far cos if it goes further it can actually harm it, being too underground and all.
    I was part of the OG skate crew in Durbs in the early 90's.
    Ken Ray, Mike Sutcliff and the boys if anyone remembers them.
    I stopped bodyboarding cos everyone was into it and i was looking for somethinga bit different.

    So I know wat ur talking about when u tell us about what attracted u to the sport.
    But, why should it not take off to the levels of which other sports r today?

    Cos we have so many guys that could be making a living out of it its funny.
    And with all their efforts in ripping, service to the sport and putting SA on the map I think they should be compensated cos lets face it if they were in the states they could do it with ease.
    Why cos the sport is bigger there and those who deserve it get it.

    Theyr the best in their fields therefore I all for the sport paying THEM back u know?
    Im not saying that bodyboarding needs to take over or even get as big as surfing but lets at least try to get it to a point where it starts giving back to us too u know.

    Good things :wink:
  • rickyrabbott
    June 2008
    sometimes i get the feeling that the SA body bording is just a bit to underground tho.

    I mean how you gonna get exposure if you dont wana tell anyone where you surfing or invite people to surf with you and share the stoke.
    I mean the one guys says BB ers dont try to be cool. WE ALL WANA BE COOL!! i never heard such bolocks. half the guys are to cool
    to take other body borders to thier spots. unless you in the click you out. So its the attitude which is uninviting .

    its like thiers competition between each other. which can be good when its fair

    you got this group of say 1000 guys spread out from east to west who could be giving their knowledge on to others of where and why s the best place to BODY BOARD in south africa . that would defo put some sort of stoke back into the southafrican bodyboarding world.

    but say i was a grom and check the main okes charging some sick waves. so then i wanted bodyboard there myself only to be told " sorry bud if i told you i would have to kill you and actually never get to BB there but know the guys i look up to are keeping it a secret .

    i hope im making sence.

    anyways i hope this series shows us some sick spots even i dont know about and inspires the yougers to be open about are waves and go out and find mant more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dcmike
    June 2008
    Mike DC think you come in around here ;)

    Ooooweee! Sounds awesome and I'm stoked to see bodyboarders approaching things so openly and positively! I'm not going to make any comments about support, stand-up vs bodyboarder because ultimately it's about enjoying the treasures on our doorstep. This is a riders' forum and if anyone wants to share a rant with me on e-mail, feel free ;-)
    My posts tend to end threads so I leave this up to all you good hearted boogers!
    Keep chargin!
    nothing from MikeDC yet?!-Mark Clark
    Okay Mark - You got me out of my cave...
    Yeah, I have to admit that I'm loving this debate and I really DO GET the underground vibes. Just ask Elementree how many waves I had at Dias... 5! - cos I can't be arsed to hassle with 12 okes on 1 peak. I dig my bodyboarding without politics and that means in the lineup too! haha!
    However... this does bring us back to the title of this thread... Without a commercial angle to our sport there would be no website, no magazine, no dvds, no premiers, no photos and ultimately you'd have to satisfied with generating your own stoke in the bath tub. Bodyboarders would be out numbered, not respected and probably not even acknowledged in most cases. Yes, it should be underground cos that's what we dig but perhaps underground is the wrong term. How about rather thinking of it as exclusive. That's not to say we exclude people but rather a bit like when house parties and rave started years ago. You had to be in the know... you had to be connected to know where the best jols are. That didn't mean it was some lame jol with a beatbox and some punch. The guys invested massively, everyone put in the effort and the rewards were equally big. I mean, if Nedbank or someone like that put up R50 000 for the biggest air event, nobody can say that it would stunt the sport's growth and that you'd give up the sponge cos it was commercialised!?
    It's all relative and what Blinkum is proposing is awesome and the support shown is too. If we all just approach this openly an honestly that will be the 'x' factor. No charades, no fake - just shits and giggles, fat pits, big airs, local trips and a whole lot of stoke!
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    June 2008
    Right on!!! :D
  • dcmike
    June 2008
    Oiysh Mark, now you got me started!
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    June 2008
    R u being the most?
  • blinkum
    June 2008
    thanks guys! you rock!

    Dc Mike you such a lag! love the house party analogy. hehe.

    peace out guys and keep it up. its getting hot in here.
    and yes, i agree, i'm not for commercialising something essentially, however, people should have a way to make a living doing what they love.
    that's what i'm trying to do with the filming, and if boarders can rip waves for a living, then why not, proper endless summer old school style, it is possible to do what you love, travel have fun and make a living off it. other wise whats the point to life, i reckon.


  • June 2008
    Wahoooooooo MIKES BACK! hahaha, knew you were silently reading the party animal...haha!

    Let the debate roll on ;) yes underground does help in a way cause not everyone can bum a lift in the same car and then you end up with breaks like Kak Bay... ooops, sorry meant kalk bay. a million people scratching for a wave on the smallest take off zone .... hmmm yes let me think how many people im going to tell that im riding a secret spot thats going off?!

    goto love it... ps swell hitting next thursday! WP side that is.....

    guess ill see most of you tonight at that underground invite only Roam launch party in Cape Town :arrow:
  • ElementreeElementree
    June 2008
    I've got my tickets!

    Yummm...Uncle Morris... :twisted:
  • Spy Dude
    June 2008
    ok mark... no waves at kak bay for you then, thats one less head that needs dropping in on. Sorry bru i honest to God thought you were going right!
  • Spy Dude
    June 2008
    Ok DC, i think you are gonna start a trend here, lets all NOT post in the forums... i am definatly gonna give it a bash 8)
  • blinkum
    June 2008
    roam party launch...?
    damn, i'm green with envy!
  • blinkum
    June 2008
    ok guys, just wanted to check out whats happening.

    who's all goin to wedge classic? if so, let us know so we can hook up with you there, get some footage of you and whatever else you doin.

    peace out

    same for the bayview big wave, even though it might not be official we're pretty keen to get some footage of you guys out there.
    and anyone else that's keen to get on camera, let me know.
  • ColinvanDongen
    June 2008
    Excuse my last comment..People as I’m just trying to help out here, and things can always be misinterpreted But da da da da That same line will come from the mouths of the broadcasters, so it’s always helpful to prepare yourself.

    In terms of DSD. Im sure most videos have been influenced by the Endless Summer of Course, but until waves on other planets start forming and we can build spaceships then it looks like we are stuck with earth hey.. But instead of finding surfing waves we can go find Bodyboarding Waves.. I'm sure most Bodyboarders know Surfing Waves are totally different and what a way to showcase our sport, at the best Bodyboarding waves around the world. Thats the plan.

    DSD is more of a Documentary about > Bodyboarding as a lifestyle, Foreign Culture, the sustainability of our environment, art and motion graphics and Peoples Dreams. I’m been trying to capture personalities from around the world, and we are luckily enough to showcase interviews from most of the world champions> Jeff Hubbard, Mike Stewart, Paolo Barcelos ect.

    So yeah just trying to tell people about our sport that’s it. The goal here is not a South African Production but an International Documentary to showcase our sport to the Public, and create awareness. Hope this helps.

    Also yeah I know not everyone can travel.. and living in SA is hard to make this happen.. But this is being created to encourage > never give up. Dont fricken stop Dreaming! Because if you really want to you can make it happen. Its those that are prepared to pay the cost for their Dreams that succeed. Most of us that travel are living away from the ocean, away from the places we would rather be. But there are many rewards on the distant horizon. Make the most of it take that chance and see the rest of the world for all that it is. :D

    Kind regards. Rockon,

    Colin van Dongen

    "If theres no Dreams theres no Reality so in order for you to make anything the Spark is the Dream. Its your first thoughts, Dont loose that Spirit! That Feeling you get. I encourage Dreaming! My kids I want them to be imaginative. Use their imagination the best they can. I encourage imagination! At the end of the day because its the Human Contribution to Creativity."Mike Stewart 2008 DSD interview
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