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Help out a Brother!

  • ElementreeElementree
    April 2008
    So i have this old mate...Tyrone Jensen...SA Longboarding Champ.

    and he has just been selected to join the ASP World events in France in May and California in October. This is a once in a lifetime chance and he doesn't have lank cash lying around to fork out on expences.

    The ASP don't pay a cent of his costs...and i don't think he has too many sponsors...if any! So he's in the same boat as most boogers!

    They are throwing a Barn Dance in order to help raise the money to get him sad, but dedicated is that!

    Maybe we can take has to help ones self before expecting others to lend a hand.

    Check out this link... ... 581&ref=nf

    He's a flipping good guy...studying to become a year i think...and a genuine nice bloke.

    If anyone has some more ideas on how Tyrone can come up with the cash or you know of anyone who would be interested in sponsoring South Africa's top Longboarder please let his sister Kirstel know...

    Thanks guys.

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