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Pull The Plug 2

  • bboard1
    March 2008
    O my sack, I went to the premier at Gateway last night, (Shot for the tickets Stuart) and it was amazing, the quality of riding was amazing, flowrider section was the business and it was an all around brilliant movie. I also bought the DVD and got given the new NOMAD t-shirt and a couple stickers. If you live in Cape Town go and try orgainse tickets because it was brilliant.
    If you can't go to the premier order it off F7 ASAP because you won't be dissappointed.
    Shot for the great movie Jarred and all the sponsers, I'm already looking forward to PTP3.

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  • StJohnLombard_Bodyboarder
    March 2008
    Sick man... Got a link to a trailer of it??
  • bboard1
    March 2008
    I think there's one in the galery section of this site or just search for one on you tube.
  • JdV
    March 2008
    Not to mention that the premier was SOLD OUT! with 300 seats in the cinema all full! added to the sickness somewhat.
  • BillybusterBillybuster
    March 2008
    Yeah shot Jared and Dane!! It was off the hook and one of my top 5 vids ever, this video is by far the best to come out of SA right now and will do great in the international market, might be just as good if not better than the international vids!! geta copy ASAP!! Thanks again jared...
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    March 2008
    Just saw the teazer for the vid.
    I'll def be seeing all u guys this thursday :D
  • RussellRussell
    March 2008
    Hey regulars! I just wanted to say as a sponsor (Hot Buttered) and being involved with the launch of Jared's PTP2 I am really impressed and stoked by the support shown by the Durban Crew for the Premiere last week, the place was packed and I believe some last minute Larry's were even turned away. The new Movie is sick and Jared and his crew have really outdone themselves. Super stoked to have been invited to be a part of this, thanks Jared, awesome show! best regards Russell Shaw
  • Pi bodyboardsPi bodyboards
    March 2008
    Nice!! souns so good us cAPE Town ous will represent hard!! so ampd!!
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    March 2008
    Werd :wink:
  • KellyKelly
    March 2008
    Well done to Jared and crew ... wish I could have been there! Should be getting my copy in the post soon but would have been awesome to see it at the IMAX theatre.

    As for everyone else ... go grab yourself a copy! If we want to see more events and DVD's like this then there is only one way that will happen - if this is a success. So get down to your local surf store to get one - if they haven't got then ask them to get it in.

    Dealer enquiries, email Jared Schafer on m u l i s h a @ i m a g i n e t . c o . z a

    Or you can order online at ... p-567.html or call 0800 FSEVEN

  • fullung
    April 2008
    Watched PTP2 this week and just had to say that it rocks hard.

    Spotted a few elements that were borrowed from the New World Disorder MTB movies. Funny stuff!


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