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Help needed...Reverse Rocker!

  • ElementreeElementree
    March 2008
    Ok so i have a huge problem...

    My board has some serious reverse rocker and i don't think i'll be able to fix it!




    Ha ha... :lol:

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  • March 2008
    hahahaha damn that is funny.
    Well your board seems to be in a good condition, that part that is a bit torn should be easy to fix with a wad of blob.
    Hope that helps, just keep it out of the sun
  • JAMES bye
    March 2008
    hahahaha... nothing that a little duck tape cant fix... hahahahahahaha
  • JmoJmo
    March 2008
    I like your Smileyface brand of board... they're hard to get hold of... :P
  • Spy Dude
    March 2008
    He is just protecting the shaper, the dude dont need negative publicity at the mo. But he should take note... cos i have seen moreys and custom x snap, but thats been in serious surf, 15-20ft, this happened in small derde steen (2-3ft)
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    March 2008
    I have seen this happen to boards in small surf alot too.
    My buddy Rowan de Villiers snapped a crapload of boards in his time in all kinds of surf.
    Wat happens is that the board maybe hits the sand nose angled in or sumthing and the pressure of like a few hundred litres of water concentrated on one spot is too much for it to handle and it eventually gives up.
    It can happen to any board.
    Its not unusual,but happens from time to time.
    Just like not every car that comes off a production line is perfect,theyr all a lil different....neither is every bodyboard perfect.

    One thing is for sure tho,new materials mean it will never happen again.

    Sum peace of mind for u all :D
  • Spy Dude
    March 2008
    rowan was riding kuk boards then.

    been bodyboarding some 25+ yrs and only ever seen it happen twice.
    One at huge crayfish facory, Robyn Olivier snapped his morey and Wade snapped his Custom X ( i have photos on this site of that somewhere) at HUGE bayview.
  • craigtrilivascraigtrilivas
    March 2008
    Dood Rowan was riding challenger boards (the first time i saw him snap one)
    And the next were mantas.
    Another mate of mine a few yrs back snapped a toobs in 3-4 ft shorey too.
    Its just a kuk thing that can happen sometime and it doesnt hav to be in uge surf to happen either.

    I play club soccer and i have seen okes buckle for no apparent reason at all!!!
    First the dood is runnin perfect and then he's on the floor cos he tweaked his knee (remember Michael Owen in the first game of the world cup?)Looked like nuthin happened meanwhile the oke is out for like 6 months after :shock:

    All it takes is for the board to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and BOOM!!!
    But ja the old cores of the board in question were maybe a lil too stiff for their own good.
    Once again,new materials can make u sleep better now :D
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