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  • KellyKelly
    December 2007
    We are now keeping an archive of press clippings which we can get our hands on. At some point you'll be able to upload yourself and there'll be a dedicated page for all press clippings but at the moment they have been introduced on the profile and contest pages. As an example check out SA Champs.

    If there is any bodyboarding news in the press which you think we do not have then please scan a copy and send onto .

    Specifically for the bodyboarding organisations out there, the contest pages are an online archive which will be available indefinitely. Adding the press clippings will help showcase the events which you put so much time and effort into and should help you grow your event next year if you can easily demonstrate good marketing of your past events by simply pointing them to the contest page on sixty40 which can hold an archive of all media coverage from the event.

    Please send on your press clippings - even if they are old. We will work through them as we do want to invest some time and effort into documenting the history of our sport.

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