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Long beach locals?

  • shaggabong
    September 2004
    I was reading a link from the SA champs banner, which took me to long beach....To my surprise , i saw that the locals mentioned didnt include the mettie brothers....just wondering, thats all...bye SHAGGY

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  • KellyKelly
    September 2004
    Hey Shaggy,

    The list of locals works off the profiles which are set-up by the members themselves - so although Mettie is a member he has not listed Long Beach as one of his local spots ... if he did then it would list him - a member can add as much or as little to their profile - it's up to them.

    That is the way I have set the site up - I will not be filling in any profiles ... basically reckon everyone should be putting a little bit of effort back into the sport and I have tried to provide a tool for everyone to do so - the least which I expect from SA riders is for them to set-up their profiles - something which I invite everyone to do.

    Hope that clears that up for you ...

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