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Dates:7th - 8th August 2010
Venue:Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia North Wall
Organisation:DK Sessions
Classification:Speciality Event

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DKS Port Mac Heat Draw
5th August 2010 23:04
OK peeps, here we go with the draw for the Sundowner DKS Port Mac event presented by Turbo/Bluntcut Fins. Competitors are asked to meet at the Town Beach Headland at 6am SHARP!

Heat 1
John Gibson (QLD)
Shane Davis (NSW)
Justin Welsh (VIC)

Heat 2
Dane Pope (QLD)
Aaron Walker (VIC)
Chris Harris (NSW)

Heat 3
Mitch Cox (NSW)
Aden Kleve (Sth Af)
Tyson Ryan (QLD)

Heat 4
Aaron Matthews (NSW)
Ken Nakatsugawa (JAPAN)
Zac Sonner (QLD)
Brandon Dawson (NSW)

Heat 5
Jake Sharp (NSW)
Dilan Carestia (NSW)
Dylan Sepia (NSW)

Heat 6
Adam Rose (QLD)
Mat Klimowicz (NSW)
Chris Hanlon (NSW)

Heat 7
Grant Molony (NSW)
Keegan Cronin (NSW)
Rob Richards (NSW)

Heat 8
Daniel Coy (NSW)
Jake Bignell (NSW)
Mike Dobson (WA)
Thomas Donnelly (NSW)

So as you can see there are spots left if your still keen. If your name isn't in the draw then you either haven't paid or i've left you out accidentally so let me know TODAY! 0414608733


craigtrilivasCraig Trilivas
7th August 2010 12:06
Yeeew Aden!

It must be quite intimidating coming up against one of your idols, I can only imagine.

Well done my son, well done!

Now that u got a taste I predict good things to come :)

Best of luck boytjie!
KellyKelly Footit
7th August 2010 11:54
South Africa's lone soldier, Aden Kleve, was knocked out in the semi by Matt Lackey in the semi's. Well done Ade!
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