Fluidzone Shark Island Challenge


Dates:14th June - 14th August 2010
Venue:Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia Shark Island
Classification:Speciality Event

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Final Results
14th August 2010 14:23
1st Ryan Hardy
2nd Ben Player
3rd Damian King
4th Shaun Pyne
Semi 2 Results
14th August 2010 14:22
1st Ben Player
2nd Shaun Pyne
3rd Dallas Singer
4th Nick Ormerod
Semi 1 Results
14th August 2010 03:26
1st Ryan Hardy
2nd Damian King
3rd Andrew Lester
4th Dave Winchester
Round 1 Heat 4 Results
14th August 2010 02:52
1st Dallas Singer
2nd Ben Player
3rd Dan Worsley
4th Glen Sullivan
Round 1 Heat 3 Results
14th August 2010 02:31
1st Shaun Pyne
2nd Nick Ormerod
3rd Sam Strachen
4th Brendon Newton


15th August 2010 01:11
Cheers for getting every heat up Kelly - world's best bodyboarding competition archive in here man.
A couple of extra 'less official' results. Move-of-the-day $500 cash from Bar2230 (local island hangout next to Emerald) Ben Player for that massive air forward in the Final.
Best barrel in the Expression session of the old-skoolers before the main event final (Prize was 11 nights in Indonesia courtesy of Secret Sumatra) went to Dave Ballard.
Reading back on the tweets and FB comments (I wasn't doing the data entry so only got to see the pages after the event, it looks like the SA server dropped the feed their end, which we're bummed about for you guys. From the states, one of the comments was "thanks for all the hard work, i definitely think that was one of the best broadcasts i have ever seen in bodyboarding" and their end it was seamless (except when our feed dropped for around 5 mins when a server the broadcast used died over there)
I certainly hope you managed to see Dan Worsley's phat mofo keg, the stills are going to look spectacular. SA rode proud and charged as always, we expect nothing less now, haha
KellyKelly Footit
14th August 2010 01:33
Dan Worsley paddling out for heat #4 of the Fluidzone Shark Island Challenge http://www.fluidzone.com/sharkisland
KellyKelly Footit
14th August 2010 01:13
The FSIC is on now. Check out the webcast: http://www.fluidzone.com/sharkisland
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