Onrus Classic


Dates:18th - 19th December 2009
Venue:Onrusriver, Boland, South Africa Onrus Beach
Classification:Speciality Event


MarthinusMarthinus Botha
16th December 2009 18:51
At the moment conditions for Friday are looking nothing short of epic!

3m swell @ 12 second periods with a fresh SE predicted for the duration of the contest.

Banks at Onrus are looking good too.

PS. If you know of anyone keen on entering, beach entries will be accepted on Friday morning. Best to get there early to avoid disappointment!

Catch you all then.
MarthinusMarthinus Botha
12th December 2009 20:29
It would be prefered if entries are confirmed before hand, but beach entries will be accepted.
Entry fee is R100.
WolfieWL Pretorius
12th December 2009 09:37
can we enter on beach?
Onrus Classic poster

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