Confital Pro


Dates:1st - 6th December 2009
Rating:Grand Slam
Venue:Gran Canaria, Canary Islands El Confital
Organisation:International Bodyboarding Association
Classification:Mens World Tour, Womens World Tour
Purse:Women US$15,000 Men US$20,000

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Mens Final
5th December 2009 20:12
1st Diego Cabrera ESP 11.50
2nd Hugo Pinheiro PRT 10.50
Womens Final
5th December 2009 20:11
1st Isabella Sousa BRA 10.50
2nd Jessica Becker BRA 8.25
Mens Semi: Heat 78
5th December 2009 17:24
1st Hugo Pinheiro PRT 14.50
2nd Guillermo Cobo ESP 13.90
Mens Semi: Heat 77
5th December 2009 17:09
1st Diego Cabrera ESP 14.00
2nd Yeray Martinez ESP 11.75
Womens Semis: Heat 18
5th December 2009 17:08
1st Isabella Sousa BRA 14.25
2nd Neymara Carvalho BRA 10.75


MatthewMatthew Botha
4th December 2009 13:47
what happened Sadam? hard luck bru
KellyKelly Footit
4th December 2009 13:07
Apparently in Mossel Bay that is not considered a drop in ;)

Hard luck Adam! From the IBA press release it sounds like you were ripping.

Mac - don't let the bullet beat you!
4th December 2009 00:17
Awesome twitter coverage thanks Kelly, Mac's heat was in the wee hours here, so it was a blast to wake up to and read through the action.
Congrats Mac and Morley.
3rd December 2009 23:28
hey guys!! thanks for the great support!! sorry that i have not been doing much updates but they have cut the free wireless down at the contest area! I hope it back on tomorrow so i can update more! had a close heat today and super amped for tomorrow! going to give it my all!! thanks again for all the support on sixty40! Adam Morly got 2 interference calls today in his round 8 heat! but he still surfed like a champ, I am sure he will dominate the jol tonight!

I am off to bed
chat to you guys tomorrow!

Mark McCarthy
3rd December 2009 12:41
Cheers Kelly, yeah that would be rad. Just checked and thought i was following 6040, but was SA champs. all added and ready to go. Bit of rough luck having saffa v saffa in that heat.
KellyKelly Footit
3rd December 2009 03:47
If I'm watching I will drop a note in that thread and on
2nd December 2009 14:38
Hey Kelly, any chance you could post a reminder in the confital thread in the forum a little before Mark's heat is on tomorrow? Will be night here and many distractions with little one. Sick Mac has scored some sick gear already.
KellyKelly Footit
2nd December 2009 13:08
Just been chatting to Mark McCarthy who tells us he's been scoring and we've seen some of the shots already so I'm a bit green with envy.

Mark rides tomorrow only - drawn against PLC - so anyone looking out for him make sure you follow online at

Aadam Grant got through his first heat but unfortunately the small conditions may have got to him in his second - Aadam is definitely more competitive in the big stuff and it is a pity he hasn't made it through to when the swell hits.

Other South Africans in the mix are Adam Morley and Andre Botha who should both be riding later today.
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