WPBA Trial 2


Dates:14th - 15th March 2009
Organisation:Western Province Bodyboarding Association
Classification:Provincial Trial


ElementreeGareth White
13th March 2009 08:11
Ok, so Trial 2 will be held this weekend - 14th - 15th March, at yet to be disclosed locations.

On Saturday, 14 March, we will run the Mens, Masters, Ladies & Boys divisions - as well as the Round 2 Mens, Master & Ladies heats from Trial 1.

We have decided to start the day a little earlier than usual at 10am and put the Ladies and Masters in the water first for 45 minutes straight so that they can surf all 3 of their heats one after another and so that by the time that they have finished the Boys division riders should have finished their school sports.

The Mens division will be next in the water for their Trial 2 round 1 heats, followed by the Boys.

By the time we get through the Boys it should be almost 12:30, if not a bit later - so we suggest that Boys division riders be at the beach by 12:00.

Possible venues for Saturday are - Glen Beach, Llandudno & Derdesteen.

Please call the WP Hotline by 9am on Sat to find out where the event will be held. - 079 737 7403

Sunday 15 March.

On Sunday we will run the Pro, Juniors & DK divisions at a yet to be disclosed location.

Possible venues - Glen Beach, Llandudno, Caves & Derdesteen.

The event will start at 8am so please call the WP Hotline - 079 737 7403 - by 7am in order to find out where the event will be held.
ElementreeGareth White
4th March 2009 20:41
WPBA Trial 2 has been postponed to the weekend of the 14-15 March due to almost no swell on Saturday and gale force South Easter & conflict with the Argus cycle tour on Sunday.


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