WPBA Champs - 2008


Dates:2nd - 3rd August 2008
Organisation:Western Province Bodyboarding Association
Classification:Provincial Champs
Heat Sheets:WPBA Champs - 2008 heats


KellyKelly Footit
2nd August 2008 13:02
Heat 5 fixed - there was something wrong with the spreadsheet we were sent. Download again and if it is not refreshed then hit Ctrl+F5 to force to download rather than open from your cached files.
JarretJarret Johnson
2nd August 2008 12:39
hey guys

i downloaded the heat sheets but there seems to be something wrong with heat 5 of the pro division. It says that only Dan is in that heat. Does that mean that those three/four other spots ion that heat havent been filled in yet or what?

Jarret "Pik" Johnson
ElementreeGareth White
2nd August 2008 08:40
The Comp is NOT on today - please ignore the current message on the WP Hotline. Champs is likely to be held tomorrow at Caves in Koeel Bay.
KellyKelly Footit
30th July 2008 22:13
The heat sheets have been uploaded.


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