Bodyboarding Videos Aden Kleve

  • Rescue of concussed bodyboarder

    18th May 2014
    In what was a great weekend for waves, Cape Town's Aden Kleve and Wilder Schultz came to the rescue of a bodyboarder that took a rather heavy beating and was trapped in the impact zone without his board. Thanks to their quick thinking and hard work a very
  • ONE WAVE // The Brothers Kleve

    3rd March 2014
    A single wave shared by both Aden and Joshua Kleve at a wave near their home in the Deep South of Cape Town.
  • Southern Tales Part 2 - Cape Cruising

    17th February 2013
    One week of cruising the Cape breaks with Jared Houston, Sacha Specker, Greg Vorster and the Cape Town crew.
  • Saffas @ Keiki 2011 ©Spex

    15th May 2011
    The Keiki shorebreak is an institution for the South African bodyboarding crew on the North Shore.
  • Saffas riding Waimea River 2011 ©Spex

    15th May 2011
    South African Bodyboarders riding the Waimea Valley River standing wave during February 2011.
  • Saffa Power: Hawaii 2011 ©Spex

    15th May 2011
    Starring: Mark McCarthy, Sacha Specker, Aden Kleve, Wesley Fischer, Jared Houston, Mark Watts, Campbell, Jarret Johnson, Wesley Liquorish and Ryan 'Cracker' Janssens

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