Bodyboarding Videos Dave Winchester

  • Where to next?

    23rd June 2014
    A film by Robert Sherwood. Based on 200 Hours in bodyboarding between 4:00AM, Saturday, April 12th and 12:00PM Sunday, April 20th, 2014.
  • Chasing The Yeti

    26th April 2014
    The Yeti is real - a cold water beast of a wave in north west USA. Join Winny, Griz and Putty on the chase through forest and stream in the dead of the Pacific North West to grapple with the beast.
  • The Road Preview

    28th October 2006
    27,000km, 196 days, 5 states, 4 riders, 3 new discoveries, 2 4wds, 1 Faith!

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