Bodyboarding Videos Pierre-Louis Costes

  • Itacoatiara Pro 2016 - final day highlights

    29th June 2016
    Video highlights from the final day of the 2016 Itacoatiara Pro 2016 in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
  • 2016 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational Day 2 Highlights

    5th March 2016
    Highlights from the final day of the 2016 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational.
  • Passing Through - Portugal

    21st July 2014
    An exert from the Passing Through film. Starring PLC and Jared Houston going bonkers out a big right hand close out.
  • Passing Through - official trailer

    26th April 2014
    Le Boogie Magazine's debut film - Passing Through - is an experimental bodyboarding film documented over 2013.
  • Pierre's expeditions - The "Tertia" Island

    10th February 2014
    Pierre Louis Costes in association with Rip Curl just released a new series of podcasts called Pierre's expeditions.This first episode features a two day trip in the middle of the Atlantic to one of the islands of Acores.
  • Exploring Panaitan

    24th January 2013
    This documentary style short-film follows three of the best young bodyboarders on the planet - Pierre Louis Costes, Jared Houston and Thomas Rigby - as they encounter some of the heaviest waves of their lives in one of the most remote locations in Indones
  • Pierre in Mexico

    5th November 2012
    10 days in Puerto Escondido, Mexico with Pierre Louis Costes.
  • Pierre-Louis Costes Chile/Mexico 2011

    8th November 2011
    Mexico + Chile with Pierre-Louis Costes - edited by Todd Barnes.
  • PLC @ Home

    28th April 2009
    Two days with Pierre Louis Costes at his home break.
  • No Friends 10 - Decade Teaser

    5th January 2008
    No Friends teams up with Todd Barnes to put a new spin on the No Friends series.

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