Bodyboarding Videos Emilie Ouellette

  • Southern Comfort

    15th March 2014
    In this podcast we join Mark McCarthy and friends as they cruise Southern Africa, filmed over 3weeks around Capetown and the Northern beaches by Emilie Ouellette and Rudi Stadler.
  • African Shorebreak V1.0

    1st January 2014
    Every bodyboarder loves a shorebreak. In this webcast Jonathan Bernon and Greg Vorster take you on an adventure North to one of the waves they grew up surfing along the African coastline.
  • Canada: A day up the Coast 2

    26th September 2013
    Curtis Prior, Greg Vorster and Drew Stapelton set out early to take advantage of the first good swell of the winter season.
  • Southern Tales Part 2 - Cape Cruising

    17th February 2013
    One week of cruising the Cape breaks with Jared Houston, Sacha Specker, Greg Vorster and the Cape Town crew.
  • Southern Tales - part 1

    13th February 2013
    Part 1 in a series of clips to be released from a 2 month trip Greg Vorster and Emilie Ouellette take through Mozambique and South Africa. Featuring Mark McCarthy and Rheinhard Du Toit.
  • Canada: A day up the Coast

    23rd October 2012
    A day up the Coast with Greg Vorster. Filmed on the same day at two different spots on Vancouver Island, Canada.
  • Saffas in Canada: **Winter** is here

    27th November 2011
    Greg Vorster and Emilie Ouellette bring us their latest video from their Canadian surf missions. With winter settling in, temperatures both in and out of the water are plummeting ...
  • Saffas in Canada: A few good days in Autumn

    24th October 2011
    Greg Vorster and Vijay Maharaj venture from the southern to northern tip of Vancouver Island in search of some Canadian gold.
  • A few days in March, Bodyboarding Canada

    2nd April 2011
    Greg Vorster and Emilie Ouellette submitted another inspirational clip of the missions some guys will go to to get waves ...
  • Greg Vorster in the Frozen North

    13th December 2010
    Take one bodyboarder out of the Zululand, transplant him in Canada and this is the result - a truly inspirational video short, showing the missions some guys will go to to get waves. Here is Greg Vorster scoring some cold but well deserved Canadian gold.

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