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  • Sixty40 Mag 11 Teaser - Inspired

    20th June 2010
    Kicking off with some inspirational words from our latest world tour campaigner, Jared Houston, it sets the pace for another action packed issue.
  • Sixty40 Mag 10 Teaser - Over the Horizon

    20th December 2009
    With the bearded man in his red suit poking his head around the corner to give little kiddies their presents, we give you the gift of an action packed issue 10 ...
  • Sixty40 Flow Pro #1 2009

    12th December 2009
    The Sixty40 Flow Pro #1 in association with Wavehouse, Hot Buttered bodyboards, Surf HQ & Gotcha Clothing.
  • Sixty40 Mag 09 Teaser - Haole Chronicles

    21st September 2009
    The Hoale Chronicles takes a look at our pro's annual pilgrimage to Hawaii. Where careers are made and bones are broken as the waves of the North Pacific gain momentum and connect with the shallow reef of the seven mile miracle ...
  • Sixty40 Mag 07 - Cruel Summer

    10th December 2008
    The Cruel Summer issue brings you all the latest bodyboarding action from SA and around the world all packed into one colourful package with cheesy 80's music overtones.
  • Sixty40 Mag 06 - The Mile High Club

    30th September 2008
    The latest edition of sixty40 kicks it up a notch with some high fly action. In this issue we take a look at the power of tow out bodyboarding and how it is launching bodyboarding into the future with some rib cracking airs.
  • Sixty40 Mag 05 - The "Birthday" Issue

    4th July 2008
    We are a whole one year old, it seems like just yesterday we were brought kicking and screaming into the world to fill the void left by our predecessors.
  • Sixty40 Mag 04 - The "Backwater" Issue

    19th March 2008
    The video advert to the latest issue of sixty40 bodyboarding magazine on the shelves now!
  • Sixty40 Mag 03 - The "Stuffed Turkey" Issue

    26th November 2007
    A quick glimpse of what you can expect in the upcoming issue of sixty40 bodyboarding out in December '07.

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