Encanto Pro Day 3 Trials Finals

4th November 2011 Kelly

Tom Rigby (Gold Coast/AUS) has won the Encanto Pro Puerto Rico Trials in punchy 4-6 foot waves at Middles Beach.

"I am so stoked to win the trials! I haven't won an event for a long time. "Rigby added, "I am so amped for the rest of the event, I love the wave, so many ramps."

Clinching the Final against Roberto Bruno (BRA) in second, Jorge Colomer in third and Mitch Rawlins (AUS) in fourth, secured Rigby a place in the GSS event and earned him a first ever $3000 paycheck as well as a valuable 1200 points towards his 2012 GSS campaign.

"Hopefully I can qualify for next year. It's really close right now on the GQS, but if I have a good result in the main event, I might be able to qualify through the top 16 on the GSS", explained Rigby.
In Round 1 of the GSS event, Rigby will face his mentor, sponsor and nine-time World Champion, Mike Stewart (HAW), number four seed in the event, Ryan Hardy (Margaret River / AUS) and local wildcard Babby Quinones (PUR).

Trialists through to the main event:
1. Tom Rigby (Gold Coast / AUS)
2. Roberto Bruno (BRA)
3. Jorge Colomer (PUR)
4. Mitch Rawlins (AUS)
5. Kalani Lattanzi (BRA)
6. Heison Carrion (PUR)
7. Trevor Kam (HAW)
8. Miltom Montalvo (PUR)
9. Noel de Arce (PUR)

Wildcards directly seeded into the GSS draw:
Babby Quinones (PUR)
Joe Grodzen (USA)
Dave Phillips (HAW)



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