Surf HQ Podcast Ep. 1 - Cave Rock

29th July 2010 Dustin.Weber

The hardcore Boarding Headquarters on Durban's Beachfront Surf HQ brings you the 1st of a series of podcasts featuring the following team riders:

Gotcha Team Riders: Jake Rosenburg, Ratt Ostler, Pete Oberholzer, Stephan du Preez & Charles Pass.

Turbo Team rider: Ratt Ostler
HB Team Riders: Pete Oberholzer, Charles Pass & Stephan du Preez.

SURF HQ are proud stockists of the following Brands:
Hot Buttered, Custom X, Gotcha & Turbo.

Visit the store at :
65 Brickhill Road, Durban, South Africa.

Email: [email protected]
Office: 031 3687568

Produced by: Sixty40 Productions



jbsJared Schafer
25th August 2010 15:14
dunno how I missed this! awesome to see the guys shreddin the Rock, nice Dustin.
that NINJA kidBryan Paynter
30th July 2010 12:38
Too sick!

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