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Province:Western Province
Country:ZA   South Africa
Classification:Shore Break
Predominant Wave:Lefts/Rights
Favourable Winds:S-E
Swell Range:3-8 ft


Vicus Kruger KrokkieVicus (KrokKie) Kruger
12th August 2009 14:33
First off sick photos! Dont think it is necessary for the people to overreact on this topic. FLW is not around the corner from Cape Town; it is not owned by anyone and bluntly put: no one can call shots on it.
SmTSean Tickner
12th August 2009 12:10
Good point Pierre, only problem is the fact that I think the spot is on the list of alternatives for S.A Champs this year with regards to Roaming Venues???
Spy DudePierre Marqua
12th August 2009 10:11
I see what Dre means, This is wrong that a trial was held here, that lank photos are up on it and finally that it is NAMED!!! WTF!
Thanks guys for respecting the area. I am begining to understand why the standups have such an issue with boogs on the west coast.
Cool so can dont bitch and moan when the standups start posting maps with detailed directions to tant on their sites.
Shaun VersfeldShaun Versfeld
11th January 2009 20:41
Famous Last Words
PieterPieter de Jager
26th April 2007 20:36
Wavoor staan FLW?? haha

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