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Province:Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal
Country:ZA   South Africa
Aerial Map:Open in Google Earth (Get Google Earth)
Classification:Beach Break
Predominant Wave:Lefts/Rights
Favourable Winds:SW
Swell Range:2-8 ft



Date Contest Organisation
4th - 5th May 2013  South Coast Classic SABA
17th February 2013  Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal Bodyboarding Champs SKZNBA
13th January 2013  Blowout Bodyboarding Club Contest #1 BOBC
14th October 2012  Blowout Bodyboarding Club Contest #5 BOBC
11th March 2012  Southern KZN Bodyboarding Champs SKZNBA
28th January 2012  Blowout Bodyboarding Club Contest #1 BOBC
13th March 2011  Blowout Bodyboarding Club Contest #2 BOBC
29th August 2010  Blowout Contest #3 BOBC
1st - 2nd May 2010  Agent 18 South Coast Bodyboarding Classic SABA
28th February 2010  Blowout Bodyboarding Club Contest #2 BOBC
25th - 27th April 2009  Wimpy Rossi Pro-Am SABA
15th February 2009  Blowout Bodyboarding Club Contest 1 BOBC
17th January 2009  Bad Girl Coaching Clinic #4 N/A
3rd January 2009  Bad Girl Coaching Clinic #3 N/A
20th December 2008  Bad Girl Coaching Clinic #2 N/A
6th December 2008  Bad Girl Coaching Clinic #1 N/A
16th November 2008  Blowout Bodyboarding Club Contest 5 BOBC
2nd November 2008  SKZN Hurricane Championships SKZNBA
14th September 2008  Blowout Bodyboarding Club Contest 4 BOBC
31st August 2008  Blowout Bodyboarding Club Contest 3 BOBC
9th August 2008  SKZNBA Trial 4 SKZNBA
2nd - 4th May 2008  Wimpy-Rossi Pro-Am SABA
24th February 2008  Blowout Bodyboarding Club Contest #2 BOBC
27th - 29th April 2007  Wimpy Rossi Pro-Am SABA
28th Apr - 30th April 2006  Wimpy Rossi Pro-Am SABA
1st - 3rd April 2005  Wimpy Rossi Pro-Am SABA
21st November 2004  Blowout year End Club Contest BOBC
3rd - 4th April 2004  Wimpy Rossi Pro-Am SABA
19th October 2003  Blowout Club Contest BOBC
4th - 6th April 2003  The Wimpy - Rossi Classic SABA
2nd March 2003  Blowout Club Contest BOBC
9th - 11th April 2002  The Wimpy - Rossi Classic SABA


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