Billy UnderGround


Hometown:ZA South Africa
About me:The Underground Rider - That rare animal everyone talks about but never sees. The guy who's always keen for a mission, doesn't matter if it's to the local beachie or a 7 hour drive up the coast, or on his way to South America, or was it Indo or Peurto? The guy who goes large all around, whether at his local for a jug (or five), a dredging reef, a smashing shorey in 3 inches of water or massive onshore closeouts. The guy with style, with skills. The one who comes up laughing after a beat down, the one that doesn't need the latest board to be cool. The Underground ... 90% of bodyboarders are just that - Underground and Charging!

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2nd July 2009 16:20
respect man, keep it up
peterbeePeter Brandt
30th June 2009 08:58
Nice attitude!
Billy UnderGround

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