Cameron Salway


Riding Since:1995 (25 Years)
Hometown:AU battery hill, Australia
Riding Style:75% Prone, 25% Dropknee (Stance: Goofy)
Boards:BZ - Brian Press LTD 42", BZ - Chad Barba 2000, BZ - Hubb Graphic 2004, Elemenohpee - Skippy, Fangz F3 42 BT, Funkshen - Chris White PP 42" CT, Hot Buttered - Vee, Manta - Mirage 4, Manta - Msytic, Science - Pro Comp, Turbo - E30 PP Bat Tail 42"
About me:my love for the boogie is and will always be the greatest love off all

Favourites & Interests

Favourite Surfspots:AU Dicky Beach, AU Wurtulla, AU Duranbar, AU Kings Beach
Favourite Bodyboarders:BR Guilherme Tamega, AU Ben Player, US Mike Stewart, AU Matthew Lackey, US Spencer Skipper, AU Michael Eppelstein, FR Pierre-Louis Costes, US Brian Wise
Favourite Videos:Cereal Killer (1997)
Favourite Bands:Britney Spears
Other Interests:Supporting companies that support bodyboarding


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AU Australia  



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