StJohn Lombard


Riding Since:2006 (16 Years)
Hometown:ZA East London, Border, South Africa
Local Surfspots:ZA Nahoon Reef, ZA Nahoon Beach, ZA Eastern Beach, ZA Yellow sands
Riding Style:100% Prone
Boards:Science - MS3
About me:I'm a keen photographer! Bodyboarding, photography are the 2 things i live for!

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Favourite Bands:Linkin Park, Seether
Other Interests:Photography


18th June 2008 08:59
Dude I appreciate your photography of the eastcoast on 6040!
Its not all the tym we get 2c E.C working as good as it gets..thanx matey mate
>Nicholas<.MantziviNicholas Mantzivis
25th February 2008 12:32
Bru y dont u charge..u let such good waves go by at easterns
StJohn Lombard

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